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Sustainability management

Data-driven sustainability solutions

Benchmark your efforts to enhance the sustainability of your business, investments, and drive positive change.
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How we can help you boost your sustainability efforts and initiatives

  • A new ESG scoring solution tailored for both banks and enterprises to gauge and enhance sustainability performance
  • Assess compliance with regulations, frameworks, and international measurement standards.
  • Enhance analyses with proprietary value-driven KPIs, such as the Fair Index, the Destination Sustainability Index, and LGBTQ+ Index
  • Automated and streamlined data input powered by generative artificial intelligence
  • Identify criticalities and risks and promptly receive precise guidance on how to improve and understand the potential growth of your Score
  • A proprietary KPI to measure the level of satisfaction and the real perception expressed online by people about the overall destination and every single point of interest
  • Discover the sentiment divided by department, industry, target market and period of analysis
  • Pinpoint what influences behaviours to improve marketing strategies and elevate visitors’ experience
  • Monitor the impact of your investments, business decisions, and marketing campaigns
  • Identify competitor weaknesses to improve your positioning and competitiveness
  • Assess the presence of greenery and natural environments, the extent of ocean contamination, and the air standard
  • Measure the impact of tourist flows on the socio-economic scenario of the destination  and the degree to which tourists can coexist with the local population
  • Obtain information about the level of socio-cultural well-being in the destination
  • Analyse how satisfied visitors are with their stay experience, considering all points of interest and services available at the destination
  • Analyses how you are perceived in terms of gender inclusivity with a unique KPI
  • Allows you to leverage user opinions to make informed decisions in favour of greater inclusivity
  • Provides you with the information needed to compare your results with those of your competitors 
  • Shows the tangible and powerful effects of your actions and investments on your local community
  • Highlights your destination’s dedication through a widget on your website and app
  • Assess how your brand communicates and how the community perceives it regarding the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Understands the perception of any business from an environmental, inclusivity, sustainability, and social enterprise point of view
  • Collect and analyse the sentiment of all online content relating to your social and environmental commitment
  • Assess your initiatives and the level of appreciation and effectiveness 
  • Evaluate the CSR of your business and your competitors
  • Predicts attendance through digital content, including peak and off-peak times and seasonality (where available)
  • Can be filtered by time of day and visitor origin for a more detailed analysis
  • Applicable to any POI or territory (as granular as 500 x 500 metres)
  • Helps strategise your geo-localised marketing activities and highlights your target market’s behaviour
  • Includes up to 5 years of historical data through which you can discover trends and make predictions

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Data visualisation

Gain valuable insights and drive informed decision-making with our intuitive and easy-to-use platform D / AI Destinations.

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Unlocking new ways to measure and improve business sustainability with big data

Discover the transformative potential of big data in measuring and improving business sustainability.

Unlock valuable insights into your organisation’s environmental, social, and economic impact, paving the way for a greener future, and learn more about how data-driven strategies can help you reduce your environmental footprint and make a positive societal impact.

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