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Turning spatial data into strategic business solutions

Expand your sales network and pinpoint optimal locations effortlessly with D/AI Locations,
the tool specifically designed for mapping our data packs.
Halve the costs, double the effectiveness.

Trusted by the best-known companies

A team of professionals able to listen to customer needs and adapt projects accordingly.
Technology and forward-looking characterise stimulating exchanges that help grow the business.

Roberta CantaveneraGlobal Channel and Customer Marketing Manager On Premise - Campari Group

We had a 50% cost saving in qualifying new opportunities.

Sales DirectorJLL, Commercial real estate | Property investment

We cut time-to-market by half by pinpointing where to effectively distribute our products

Marketing DirectorGlobal Food & Beverage Brand

For a site selection project for the retail chain I'm working for, I used Location Intelligence data provided by Data Appeal. I'm impressed by the high quality and granular POI datasets provided, which gave a lot of valuable insights

Business ConsultantRetail Consultancy

Get a location overview in under 5 clicks

Imagine effortlessly accessing all the data you need to find the ideal location for your new store, distributorship, or advertising campaign—with just a glance at a map.

D/AI Locations transforms this vision into reality.

Discover global location data seamlessly, enriched with sentiment and popularity insights, through our user-friendly platform.

Say goodbye to complex data management and hello to confident decision-making!

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Why choose D / AI Locations?

Enhanced sales support
and engagement

Empower your sales force with robust support beyond visualisation, while providing comprehensive insights to enhance engagement and tailor sales services for individual outlets.

Efficient route optimisation

Optimise delivery routes effortlessly, using location data to cut fuel costs and delivery times, enhancing logistics efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Integrated reporting and tool
consolidation in one central hub

Simplify and seamlessly integrate reporting tools for faster decision-making and comprehensive insights.

Automated customer segmentation and profiling

Streamline customer targeting with our automated solution. Using location and your own zero-party data, quickly identify demographics and personalise marketing strategies, reducing time-to-market.

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What can D / AI Locations do for you?

Visualize on your map our comprehensive POI data packs. Restaurants, shops, hotels, and much more, enriched with Sentiment and Popularity data

POI Data Pack

A geospatial listing of all points of interest and their respective category for any location worldwide.

  • Business Name
  • Street Address
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Industry & Category

POI Data Pack

Advanced information on POIs.
This is useful to paint a more complete picture

  • Country, State, City
  • Price Range
  • Sentiment Scores
  • Popularity Index (Footfall Proxy)
  • Sentiment by Category
  • Most-Discussed Topics
  • Sentiment by Customer Language

Add Ons

You can add  to the previous pack any of these KPIs if you need to further evaluate any business, brand or industry around the globe.

  • Phone Number & Website
  • Brand Info
  • Characterisation – Facilities, Amenities & Services
  • Opening Hours
  • Sentiment Trend
  • Popularity Trend
  • Popularity by Time of Day; Weekend vs. Weekday
  • POI Digital Trace Summarisation
  • Accommodation Prices & Saturation via OTAs
  • Hospitality Guest Insights – Sentiment by Guest Origin and Type

Begin your data-driven journey to the ideal location

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