Unlock sustainable growth with our data-driven insights.

We simplify and democratize online data.

Data Appeal’s combination of geospatial data, sentiment intelligence and market trends enhances the growth of organizations around the world. 

Solutions for
Data-Driven Organizations

Data is the secret weapon to make the most strategic decisions. 

Data Appeal’s AI-enabled solutions and key performance indicators help businesses across all sectors to:

  • Monitor, analyze and profile the customer and traveler experience of any territory
  • Identify locations with the highest investment potential around the world
  • Obtain rich information on any company’s sentiment
  • Orient sales and marketing strategies to win market share

What makes us unique

Our Data: Location + Sentiment + Market

Data Appeal provides a unique combination of geospatial, sentiment and market intelligence data. Seamlessly integrate our datasets into your products or provide it to your customers to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Proprietary KPIs

Sentiment Score, Travel Barometer, Fair Index, Potentiality Index and more. Leverage our proprietary indicators to evaluate the effectiveness and performance for any business, brand or territory.

Scalable and Reliable technology

Our proprietary technology is based on a state-of-the-art, scalable infrastructure, trained by collecting millions of pieces of information per minute from over 100 online sources.

The largest data lake on the market

Our data lake includes over 7 billion semantically-analyzed pieces of online content from over 15 million Points of Interest in 41 countries around the world - and counting. Access our real-time and historical data up to 4 years in the past.

AI & Machine Learning

Our next-generation Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions are continuously tested and perfected through the collection of real-time and historical data.

Experience & Professionalism

Our experienced, multidisciplinary and international team has a strong desire to grow and is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.


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