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Optimise your marketing and business plans by leveraging data-fuelled analysis of customer preferences and industry dynamics.
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How we can help you optimise your marketing strategy

  • Attendance prediction based on digital content, including peak/off-peak times and seasonality (if available)
  • Detailed analysis with filters for time of day and visitor origin for optimal custom campaigns
  • Applicable to any point of interest or territory with granularity as fine as 500 x 500 metres
  • 5 years of historical data included for comprehensive insights 
  • 100% GDPR compliant to ensure data privacy and security
  • Quantifies customer sentiment
  • Uncovers factors influencing behaviours of current and potential clients
  • Empowers data-driven decision-making with valuable insights
  • Evaluates sentiment of businesses and locations to gauge customer perceptions
  • Includes up to 5 years of historical data for comprehensive analysis

Access our data, your way:

Data pack and API

Effortlessly access data in its purest form through our versatile options: D / AI Data Ready and D / AI API Connect.


Explore the convenience of our flexible indexing solutions, enabling fast retrieval, comprehensive categorisation, and intelligent keyword recognition for valuable information.

Data visualisation

Our data can be easily visualised using common GIS systems, such as Esri, QGIS, Carto, and other similar platforms.

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Discover the power of our marketing intelligence solutions:

The power of data enrichment: Discovering the best OOH advertising spots in Australia

Our client, a leading global market research company, specialises in assisting businesses in understanding and profiting from Out-of-Home (OOH) media audiences.

We provided them with detailed location data, including valuable business information, addresses, opening hours, and even sentiment scores — to enhance their OOH solutions, resulting in a remarkable competitive edge, and enabling them to deliver more comprehensive solutions.

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