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Reputation analysis solutions

Harnessing the power of perception

Learn what your consumers actually think about your business to exceed expectations and shape personalised experiences.
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How we can back your reputation analysis strategy

  • Measures customer based on sentiment expressed online
  • Understand what influences behaviours of current and potential clients
  • Provides insights to power your data-driven decision-making
  • Analyses how individual Point of Sale perform and compare to industry or competitor average
  • Evaluates the sentiment of individual businesses and locations according to factors such as safety, price, quality of services, and food quality
  • Includes up to 5 years of historical data
  • Analyses how you are perceived in terms of gender inclusivity with a unique KPI
  • Allows you to leverage user opinions to make informed decisions in favour of greater inclusivity
  • Provides you with the information needed to compare your results with those of your competitors 
  • Shows the tangible and powerful effects of your actions and investments on your local community
  • Highlights your destination’s dedication through a widget on your website and app
  • Respond to reviews with ease using AI-powered responses
  • Find out the most appreciated and highly-discussed topics to transform every aspect of your business
  • Learn more about your competitors to outrun them 
  • Showcase your best reviews and build customer trust
  • Create reports in minutes
  • Get real-time weather, sentiment, and event updates

Select your preferred method for accessing our data:

Data Pack and API

Effortlessly access data in its purest form through our versatile options: D / AI Data Ready and D / AI API Connect.


Explore the convenience of our flexible indexing solutions, enabling fast retrieval, comprehensive categorisation, and intelligent keyword recognition for valuable information.

Data visualisation

Gain valuable insights and drive informed decision-making with our intuitive, all-in-one brand reputation platform Travel Appeal.

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Experience the effectiveness of our reputation analysis solutions:

Driving success through real-time customer insights: Searcys and Travel Appeal

Searcys faced the challenge of efficiently collecting real-time reviews and scores from various online channels. 

The task of manually checking each review channel and social network was time-consuming and cumbersome. To address this, Searcys sought an agile and user-friendly listening tool that could provide instant insights into customer feedback across multiple platforms. 

Our platform Travel Appeal was recommended and quickly adopted by Searcys for their entire organisation. With the user-friendly dashboard, Searcys can now track online reviews, optimise their marketing strategy, generate reports for trend analysis against competitors, and make data-driven decisions to stay ahead in the market.

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