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Data enrichment for risk

Maximise returns and safeguard against risk

Enrich customer profiling, enable smarter lending, underwriting decisions, and protective measures with AI-driven alternative data.
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How we can support you improve your services with data enrichment for risk

  • A proprietary KPI to measure the level of satisfaction and the real perception expressed online by people about the overall destination or business, and every single point of interest
  • Discover the sentiment divided by department, industry, target market and period of analysis
  • Pinpoint what influences behaviours to improve marketing strategies and elevate visitors’ experience
  • Monitor the impact of your investments, business decisions, and marketing campaigns
  • Identify competitor weaknesses to improve your positioning and competitiveness
  • Predicts attendance through digital content, including peak and off-peak times and seasonality (where available)
  • Can be filtered by time of day and visitor origin for a more detailed analysis
  • Applicable to any POI or territory (as granular as 500 x 500 metres)
  • Includes up to 5 years of historical data
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • A new ESG scoring solution tailored for both banks and enterprises to gauge and enhance sustainability performance
  • Assess compliance with regulations, frameworks, and international measurement standards.
  • Enhance analyses with proprietary value-driven KPIs, such as the Fair Index, the Destination Sustainability Index, and LGBTQ+ Index
  • Automated and streamlined data input powered by generative artificial intelligence
  • Identify criticalities and risks and promptly receive precise guidance on how to improve and understand the potential growth of your Score

Select your preferred method for accessing our data:

Data Pack and API

Effortlessly access data in its purest form through our versatile options: D / AI Data Ready and D / AI API Connect.


Explore the convenience of our flexible indexing solutions, enabling fast retrieval, comprehensive categorisation, and intelligent keyword recognition for valuable information.

Data visualisation

Our data can be easily visualised using common GIS systems, such as Esri, QGIS, Carto, and other similar platforms.

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Discover the power of our data enrichment for risk solutions:

How a prestigious Italian bank leverages online reputation as a financial assessment tool

A major Italian bank partnered with The Data Appeal Company to integrate sentiment data from SMEs into their credit underwriting algorithms.

We collected and analysed data for 98,000 SME customers, including popularity, sentiment, and business information. As a result, the bank successfully improved their credit scoring algorithms, mitigated risks, enriched their SME database, and gained real-time access to scalable and accurate information.

The project surpassed objectives, supporting customer acquisition and credit underwriting while showcasing the value of alternative data and AI technologies.

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