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Agile and accurate sustainability performance evaluation for any business

A new ESG scoring solution tailored for both banks and enterprises, enhanced by artificial intelligence and distinctive proprietary KPIs to gauge and enhance sustainability performance.
ESG scoring
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What benefits does the new ESG Scoring system offer?

Key features

esg scoring

Your evaluation at a glance

Concisely analyse each aspect of ESG performance. Compare current performance over time and against other competitors.

esg scoring critical aspects

Critical aspects, risks, and recommendations

Identify criticalities and risks and promptly receive precise guidance on how to improve and understand the potential growth of your Score.

esg scoring questionary

User-friendly interface and artificial intelligence

Input all necessary information to calculate scores through a simple and intuitive interface, enhanced by Artificial Intelligence.

Internationally-acknowledged frameworks

View your ESG Score according to the IR and WEF frameworks, structured across 7 capitals, 28 macro indicators, and 178 micro indicators.

Proprietary KPIs

Enhance the analysis with Data Appeal’s proprietary KPIs. Fair Index, Destination Sustainability Index, and more.

esg scoring - reports

Automated reports

Download automated reports to share with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.


Integrating alternative data, artificial intelligence, and specialised KPIs to assist banks, businesses, and financial enterprises

How an Italian bank incorporated sentiment data into credit scoring algorithms

One of Italy’s major banks partnered with The Data Appeal Company to integrate sentiment data from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) into its credit evaluation algorithms.

We meticulously gathered and analysed a vast volume of data for 98,000 SMEs, encompassing aspects such as popularity, sentiment, and company details. These insights allowed the bank to significantly enhance its credit evaluation algorithms by addressing risks in a targeted manner, enriching its database, and gaining immediate access to scalable and highly precise information.

The outcome? The project surpassed all initial expectations, providing essential support in acquiring new clients and assessing credit, clearly showcasing the invaluable role of alternative data and advanced artificial intelligence technologies.

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Real-time analysis of over 6.5 million VAT numbers

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