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POI & Location data packages to drive your growth

Top-notch data packages enriched with location, sentiment & popularity KPIs

Access reliable, granular and always up-to-date information about any country and Point of Interest. Enhance the ROI of your marketing strategies, improve your location intelligence, and optimise risk assessment and insurance.

Great data leads to great results.

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What sets our data packages apart?

Pinpoint the best growth opportunities, optimise your marketing strategies, and more!

Our Points-of-Interest (POI) and location data packages offer you a comprehensive overview of all the businesses and real-world locations for any specific area around the globe. Whatever is your goal, you won’t need to search further.

Still having doubts? Compare the differences between our data packages and those offered by other companies.

Which type of data package best suits your projects?

POI Data Pack

A geospatial listing of all points of interest and their respective category for any location worldwide.

  • Business Name
  • Street Address
  • Latitude & Longitude 
  • Industry & Category
  • Last Online Update Date

POI Data Pack

Advanced information on POIs.
This is useful to paint a more complete picture

  • Country, State, City
  • Price Class
  • Sentiment
  • Popularity & Hours popular
  • Most Discussed Topics
  • Spoken Languages

Add Ons

You can add  to the previous pack any of these KPIs if you need to further evaluate any business, brand or industry around the globe.

  • Phone
  • Website
  • Traveler Origin
  • Traveler Type
  • Date First Presence
  • Date Closed

Data Pack

Context information about the area where a POI is situated. This information is based on the geographic features and layout of a specific region. It can be used independently to provide a description of the area or combined with POI data to enhance the contextual understanding.

  • Sustainability Index
  • Safety data
  • Sentiment Score
  • Popularity: a footfall proxy KPI

Trusted by the best tourism destinations and companies

Updates to visitor arrival data took 45 days.
D / AI Destinations now provides us with reliable real-time arrival data.

Stefan MarchioroDirector of Visit Veneto

We had a 50% cost saving in qualifying new opportunities.

Sales DirectorJLL, Commercial real estate | Property investment

Thanks to D / AI Destinations, we’ve targeted actions to support our tourism industry. As a result, Langhe Roero recorded the highest sentiment in the region: 90/100.

Cristina BergonzoManager, Tourism Observatory of Piedmont Region

We cut time-to-market by half in pinpointing where to distribute our products.

Marketing DirectorGlobal brand food & beverage

This tool is invaluable to compare trends pre- and post-Covid, and forecast arrivals and trends.

Sophia QuintHead of Market Research, visitBerlin

D / AI Destinations gave us a clear overview of the impact of events in our destination. For example, the Barcolana sailing regatta.

Bruno Berteroformer Marketing Director PromoTurismoFVG

D / AI Destinations is essential to identify the image of our destination in the eyes of current and potential tourists.

Pierangelo RomersiDirector of Visit Emilia

to know more?

What kind of POI data do you provide?

We can provide simple POIs data featuring quantitative information such as address, GPS coordinates, social channels, etc, but we also provide a unique combination of geolocalised data enriched with Sentiment and Footfall data for each single POI and territory.

Is your data GDPR compliant?

Yes, all our data is GDPR compliant.

What is your data coverage?

We are one of the few companies in the world with global POI coverage, covering 180 countries and territories. We have currently mapped more than 251mln Points of interest.

What are the industries and categories you cover?

We count more than 251 Million Points of Interest worldwide, grouped by 20 industries and 500+ categories. Find out all the details in our Categories’ Dictionary.

What is the granularity at which you would be providing the Location data set? What is the Polygon shape?

The granularity of the Location data is defined by a geospatial standard created by Microsoft and open sourced, called Bing tiles. You can find the documentation here – typically we deliver the data at tile 14 granularity, which means it’s about 750×750 meters size but we could reach 150×150 with no extra costs.

In POI Fragments, are all the reviews extracted for a single POI? Which are all the networks from which reviews are scraped?

Reviews are extracted for each individual POI, so you can join the POI_ID from the main listing to the POI_ID contained in the fragments dataset.

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