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Destination management

Take the guesswork out of destination management

Leverage comprehensive and accurate data to guide your growth strategy, attract the right visitors, and gain an unparalleled competitive advantage.
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Empowering you to make effective destination management decisions

  • All-in-one, user-friendly destination marketing & management platform to get real-time and reliable information about your destination’s compartments, your visitors and your competitors
  • Forecast arrivals to take the most strategic decisions
  • Granular reputation analysis to boost your visitors’ satisfaction
  • Benchmark & compare to overcome competitors
  • Measure and optimise the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • In minutes, create reports and share them with stakeholders and operators
  • A proprietary KPI to measure the level of satisfaction and the real perception expressed online by people about the overall destination and every single point of interest
  • Discover the sentiment divided by department, industry, target market and period of analysis
  • Pinpoint what influences behaviours to improve marketing strategies and elevate visitors’ experience
  • Monitor how much your investments, decisions and marketing campaigns impact customer satisfaction
  • Uncover your competitive advantage and identify their weaknesses to improve your positioning
  • A proprietary KPI to measure and benchmark the environment, economy, society and governance aspects of your destination
  • Plan the right investments, services, and targeted marketing campaigns to become more sustainable
  • Integrate and share your performances on your website or app to showcase your destination’s commitment
  • Our proprietary KPI 
  • Seamlessly monitor and evaluate the well-being of your tourism destination
  • Gain a reliable and comprehensive overview of the travel industry in your destination
  • Compare the well-being of your destination against the national average or a competitor
  • A unique KPI to analyse how people see you from a gender inclusivity perspective
  • Leverage user opinions to make informed decisions in favour of greater inclusivity
  • Compare your results against competitors
  • Understand if the actions and investments undertaken had a real positive impact on your territory
  • Integrate it on your website and app to showcase your destination’s commitment

Access our data, your way:

Data Pack and API

Effortlessly access data in its purest form through our versatile options: D / AI Data Ready and D / AI API Connect.


Explore the convenience of our flexible indexing solutions, enabling fast retrieval, comprehensive categorisation, and intelligent keyword recognition for valuable information.

Data visualisation

D / AI Destinations is a user-friendly and intuitive online platform to easily visualise and filter all the data available about your destination, broken down by industry, visitor type and origin, and more. The tool provides you with an infographic and reports on your needs.

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Discover the power of our Destination Management solutions:

Maximising customer satisfaction: How Veneto leveraged data to empower local businesses

The Veneto Tourism Observatory successfully transformed into a data-driven destination, using advanced analytics and technology to understand visitor behaviour and preferences.

By gaining insights into demographics, travel patterns, and popular attractions, they optimised marketing strategies, personalised experiences, and allocated resources effectively.

This data-driven approach enhanced visitor satisfaction, increased tourist arrivals, boosted the region’s economy, and elevated the destination’s competitiveness and enhance the overall visitor experience.

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