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Your trusted coach for better brand choices

Manage digital presence, elevate satisfaction, outperform competitors (and save time and money)

D / AI Coach is made to help:


Groups and chains with multiple international properties

Food & Beverage

International brand distributors and chains of bars, restaurants, cafes, venues


International franchises and distributors with multiple points of sale and distribution across the globe

Trusted by the best-known companies

A team of professionals able to listen to customer needs and adapt projects accordingly.
Technology and forward-looking characterise stimulating exchanges that help grow the business.

Roberta CantaveneraGlobal Channel and Customer Marketing Manager On Premise - Campari Group

We had a 50% cost saving in qualifying new opportunities.

Sales DirectorJLL, Commercial real estate | Property investment

We cut time-to-market by half by pinpointing where to effectively distribute our products

Marketing DirectorGlobal Food & Beverage Brand

For a site selection project for the retail chain I'm working for, I used Location Intelligence data provided by Data Appeal. I'm impressed by the high quality and granular POI datasets provided, which gave a lot of valuable insights

Business ConsultantRetail Consultancy

Hear it directly from your audience in real time, all in one place

Effective management of your online presence is crucial in shaping your reputation.
And your reputation can make or break your profits and revenue.
With each new platform, managing all digital traces becomes increasingly difficult and daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be.

D / AI Coach, the one-stop solution, centralises audience listening into a single platform.

Drawing from our expertise with our intelligent brand reputation platform, Travel Appeal, we developed this platform to monitor and analyse audience feedback, address their needs and preferences, and explore market trends through task automation and real-time data monitoring and analysis.

All accessible from a single screen, with just a few clicks.

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D / AI Coach - benefits

Track your online reputation in one place in real time with D / AI Coach

Save time and money

Automate reputation management tasks and effortlessly access real-time data monitoring and analysis, freeing up resources and budgets for other critical tasks.

Increase customer satisfaction and revenue

Listen to your audience’s desires and preferences to not only improve your reputation but to also align your offering accordingly, ultimately resulting in improved revenues.

Streamline marketing strategies

Focus your communication and marketing efforts to address your reputation requirements and audience needs and concerns.

Eliminate all guesswork and predict market trends

Use past and forecasted data to forecast market trends and adjust ahead of competitors.

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