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LGBTQ+ Index

How much LGBTQ+ friendly is your tourism destination or business?

Analyse how people see you from a gender inclusivity perspective, compare your results against competitors and implement the best actions to make your organisation or tourism destination more welcoming and inclusive.

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LGBTQ+ index

Benefits and new growth opportunities

Make informed decisions

Leverage user opinions to make informed decisions in favour of greater inclusivity: plan investments, services, and targeted marketing campaigns to align with people’s expectations and your organisation’s sustainability goals.

Improve results over time

The LGBTQ+ Index is constantly measured and updated, enabling you to make reliable comparisons versus the past.
Understand if the actions and investments undertaken have had a real positive impact on your company or territory, and share the results obtained with partners, stakeholders, and shareholders.

Track people’s opinions

Trust the real perception expressed online by people.
The LGBTQ index is the result of a complex algorithm that, through AI and specialised semantic analysis, analyses online content, comments, and reviews to assess to what extent a territory or company is LGBTQ+ friendly. This is a valuable insight to enrich certifications issued by external organisations or associations, and self-assessments.

Share your efforts

Sustainability and inclusivity are increasingly key elements in people’s purchasing, travel and investment choices.
The LGBTQ+ Index can be easily integrated into your website, platform, software or app, through our API to showcase your company or destination’s commitment. It is also available on our platform D / AI Destinations.

The LGTBQ+ Index was developed in collaboration with


Trusted by the best tourism destinations and companies

Thanks to D / AI Destinations we now understand the behavior of resources in other non-tourist areas of the city so that we can work on diversifying tourist flows to other areas that have powerful content in terms of sentiment and volume of comments.

Pino CanalesAnalista de datos turísticos y Técnico en Turismo - Smart Tourism Office Sevilla

A team of professionals able to listen to customer needs and adapt projects accordingly.
Technology and forward-looking characterise stimulating exchanges that help grow the business.

Roberta CantaveneraGlobal Channel and Customer Marketing Manager On Premise - Campari Group

Updates to visitor arrival data took 45 days.
D / AI Destinations now provides us with reliable real-time arrival data.

Stefan MarchioroDirector of Visit Veneto

We had a 50% cost saving in qualifying new opportunities.

Sales DirectorJLL, Commercial real estate | Property investment

Thanks to D / AI Destinations, we’ve targeted actions to support our tourism industry. As a result, Langhe Roero recorded the highest sentiment in the region: 90/100.

Cristina BergonzoManager, Tourism Observatory of Piedmont Region

We cut time-to-market by half by pinpointing where to effectively distribute our products

Marketing DirectorGlobal food & beverage brand

This tool is invaluable to compare trends pre- and post-Covid, and forecast arrivals and trends.

Sophia QuintHead of Market Research, visitBerlin

D / AI Destinations gave us a clear overview of the impact of events in our destination. For example, the Barcolana sailing regatta.

Bruno Berteroformer Marketing Director PromoTurismoFVG

D / AI Destinations is essential to identify the image of our destination in the eyes of current and potential tourists.

Pierangelo RomersiDirector of Visit Emilia

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