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Unlocking New Ways to Measure and Improve Business Sustainability with Big Data

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations are under increasing pressure to not only drive financial success, but also to promote environmental and social sustainability.

But now we’re asking ourselves… How can organisations effectively align with government and customer expectations while staying profitable?
How can businesses concretely incorporate and measure social and environmental sustainability?

The Data Appeal Company is shedding light on these issues.

Download our free eBook to discover how harnessing the power of Big Data can significantly support your journey towards becoming more sustainable.

Explore how to effectively measure and improve the sustainability of your business.


What you’ll find inside the eBook:

  • Delve into crucial concepts like ESG and the triple bottom line framework
  • Uncover how sustainability data can be applied to any kind of industry, with real-life Use Cases
  • Learn how to use Big Data & AI to define new, more effective and sustainable KPIs
  • Discover how to leverage Sentiment analysis and Big Data to become more sustainable, build a new audience and craft a more sustainable offering
  • Find out why and how financial corporations are integrating sustainable data into their business models
  • Pinpoint the 4 Best Practices for Measuring and Reporting ESG performance

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