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Enhance your data, double your precision, and cut your costs

The opportunity

Unlocking more precise information and competitive advantage

One of the major pain points of OOH is understanding the right location for it, making it possibly one of the most crucial factors to take into account when choosing a marketing strategy.

Acknowledging this, our client, a global leader in market research, supports businesses seeking further information on understanding and monetising audiences with OOH media.

To further back their audience measurement solution, our client requires accurate, up-to-date data to measure factors such as traffic and pedestrian flows, peak and off-peak hours, and more.

Despite most mainstream marketing efforts have gone digital in recent years, out-of-home advertising (OOH advertising) is still a key player in most businesses’ promotion.

And while it is one of the oldest forms of advertising, developments in technology and shifting customer needs mean OOH advertising strategies are in constant evolution.

Why choose Data Appeal

The all-in-one solution for POI data

Providing a diverse range of geo-localised data relating to points of interest and territories, customer sentiment and popularity insights — Data Appeal’s Point of Interest (POI) datasets can help you reach the right clients, in the right place.

When applied to the Media and Advertising industry, this kind of data is invaluable to identify the most promising areas to invest in.

Data Appeal provides all the tools and resources needed for outdoor and media agencies to make strategic decisions that will yield the highest return on investment.

Through a detailed analysis of any geo-localised point of interest around the world, you can take your business’s unique selling proposition (USP) to the next level, by identifying the best outdoor media locations – at a glance – based on hyper-detailed and up-to-date information.

One of our interactive maps, showing the POIs in Brisbane CBD. 

How Data Appeal responded

A Comprehensive Approach to Data Enrichment for Better Decision Making

Data Appeal provided the client with detailed and comprehensive location data, enriched with business information, addresses, opening hours, and sentiment scores for more strategic OOH media and billboard placement.

Through site selection insights, our client could easily pinpoint the most popular and suitable locations, according to their target audience.

Our client, through the granular points of interest data across hundreds of categories provided, could support their clients with the insights to monitor the ideal locations to launch outdoor advertising and billboards.

By integrating information on popularity and sentiment, uncertainty is eliminated and replaced with a broad understanding based on empirical data, resulting in more informed investment decisions.




Brands and business categories

The Results

A Time-Efficient and Cost-Effective Data Enrichment Solution

By partnering with us, our client gained access to the most comprehensive and detailed places data enriched with business addresses, allowing for strategic placement of out-of-home media and billboards.

Data Appeal’s granular data is available across 20 industries and over 800 brands and business categories — depending on the needs of the individual client. It gives them valuable information on businesses, such as opening hours and other pertinent details, enabling users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the local commercial landscape.

Ready to revolutionise your OOH marketing strategy?

Find out how you can reach your ideal audience, in the right place, and maximise your ROI.