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2024 Olympic Games Forecast: Impact on Tourism in Paris
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The countdown is on! Marking just over 100 days until the start, Paris prepares to host the 2024 Summer Olympics from July 26 to August 11.

All eyes are on the City of Lights where athletes, spectators, and enthusiasts from all around the world will descend upon the city in a matter of months.

However, beyond the anticipation of the sporting events, the 2024 Olympic Games will significantly influence Paris’s tourism scene, elevating the city’s appeal to unparalleled heights.

Download the new report “2024 Olympic Games Forecast: Impact on Tourism in Paris” and discover the unprecedented impact of the 2024 Olympics on Parisian tourism.

In collaboration with PredictHQ, the world’s leader in predictive demand intelligence, we’re not just monitoring; we’re forecasting.

Our combined expertise enables us to provide you with a comprehensive view of presence, estimated spending, air travel dynamics, hospitality trends, and the overall sentiment surrounding this monumental event.

Why this report is a must-read for you:

  • Dynamic pricing insights: Witness how hotel and short-term rental rates are evolving in anticipation of the Olympic weeks. Find out which accommodations are seeing the most significant price surges and why.
  • Global spectator analysis: Learn about the international dynamics at play, including which countries will be sending the most spectators to the Olympics.
  • Key date hotspots: Identify the specific days expected to see a spike in both attendance and accommodation rates, allowing for strategic planning and maximisation of opportunities. 
  • Sentiment analysis: Gauge the mood and satisfaction levels towards Paris and its most frequented districts, offering a nuanced understanding of visitor experiences.

Who will benefit from this report?

  • Destination managers looking for a competitive edge.
  • University students and professors seeking insightful academic material.
  • Tourism operators and professionals aiming to capitalise on Olympic-driven opportunities.

Want a little sneak peek?

  • OTA rates have more than doubled. The most significant increases are observed in short-term rentals.
  • The Olympic Games are expected to generate a total economic impact of over $946 million.
  • Despite the rise in rates observed in 2024, the Sentiment Score, which measures the overall online appreciation for various activities in Paris has shown a notable increase compared to the previous year, with a rise of +1.5.
  • A notable portion of travellers originate from different countries: United States (21%), which doubled compared to the previous week, Japan (6%), a country that wasn’t among the top 5 the previous week, Canada (4%), and Brazil (3%).

On average, these travellers book their flights 250 days in advance,

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