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Choosing the right data provider can often be more pivotal than the decision to use data itself.

Especially when considering the stakes at risk.

Data, including Point of Interest (POI) data, has become the foundation of most business decisions.

From helping businesses make informed decisions to enhancing location-based services and applications, POI data plays a central role in today’s dynamic landscape.

These use cases involve anything from choosing the right location for a new business, selecting the ideal distributors or suppliers, the perfect out-of-home (OOH) advertising site, and more.

However, choosing the best POI data provider for your business isn’t as straightforward.

Rather, it’s an intricate web of choices that individuals and businesses face when seeking the best POI data source.

The quest for a provider that not only meets your data needs but also aligns with your vision and objectives can be a daunting task.

That’s why we’re demystifying the process of selecting the best POI data provider, sharing valuable insights, and assisting you in making an informed choice.

poi data provider

Understanding POI data and its importance

POI data refers to a collection of information that identifies specific geographical locations or landmarks, such as businesses, tourist attractions, public facilities, and other noteworthy places.

This data typically includes details about the name, address, category, contact information, and additional attributes associated with each point of interest, and can be enriched with information related to qualitative aspects, such as sentiment or the reputation of the point of interest

Among the common use cases are mapping services, navigation systems, location-based marketing, urban planning, tourism, and more, to help users discover and interact with places of interest in their vicinity.

Understandably, in the age of information, data is the lifeblood of businesses, governments, and countless applications.

Businesses don’t want to take unnecessary risks anymore.

Uneducated guesses are no longer something businesses afford anymore, especially with rapidly-shifting industry landscapes.

In a world where informed decisions have become accessible to all through data, location-based investments go beyond mere random selections on a map.

They’re data-driven informed decisions — that result in enhanced profitability, customer experience, and overall business success.

This takes us back to POI data.

POI data is a treasure trove of information about specific locations and landmarks. Whether it’s a restaurant, a hotel, a gas station, or a tourist attraction, POI data provides details about these points of interest that go beyond mere geographical coordinates.


The real power of POI data lies in its ability to transform a set of coordinates on a map into meaningful information that serves a wide range of industries and applications.


As the demand for location-based insights continues to grow, choosing the right POI data provider becomes an even more crucial decision.

The importance of POI data can be summarised in a few key points:

  • Location intelligence: POI data are at the base of site selection and distributors qualification process.
  • Enhanced user experiences: From mapping and navigation apps to location-based recommendations, POI data enriches user experiences. It helps people find what they need, discover new places, and make the most of their surroundings.
  • Government and urban planning: Urban planners and government agencies use POI data to optimise city services, manage resources, and plan for the future. It’s instrumental in creating smart cities.
  • Logistics and supply chain: In logistics and supply chain management, POI data plays a critical role in route optimisation, delivery planning, sustainability, and inventory management.
  • Tourism and hospitality: For the tourism industry, knowing the best attractions, hotels, and restaurants in a location is essential for providing tourists with unforgettable experiences.
  • Real estate and property development: Property developers use POI data to understand the amenities and services available in the vicinity of their projects, influencing property values and investment decisions.
  • Safety and emergency services: Emergency services rely on POI data to locate and respond to incidents efficiently. It can save lives in critical situations.

Critical factors for selecting a POI data provider

1 – Data quality

Data quality is one of the most critical characteristics to look out for when picking a POI data provider.

After all, why lay your bricks on a foundation of quicksand?

Accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive data is the solid basis upon which informed decisions are built.

Whether you are a business seeking to understand your market, a logistics company optimising delivery routes, or a tourist looking for a great dining experience, the accuracy and completeness of data can make all the difference.

2- Data coverage

Geographical coverage is a critical aspect of any data set.

The broader the coverage, the more versatile and valuable the data becomes.

Whether you’re operating locally, nationally, or globally, having access to a wide range of locations and regions ensures that you can make data-driven decisions wherever your interests lie.

3 – Data update frequency

In the dynamic world of data, currency is key.

Information that is not up-to-date can quickly become irrelevant and even detrimental to decision-making.

This is particularly true in the context of Points of Interest (POI) data, where businesses, services, and landscapes evolve rapidly.

4 – Data sources

The reliability and diversity of data sources are integral to the credibility of any data provider.

The more resources we have to work with, the better we can ensure that the POI datasets are complete, accurate, and fair.

5 – Data customisation

In the diverse landscape of data utilisation, one size rarely fits all. The ability to personalise data according to specific needs is a game-changer.

Customised data empowers businesses to access the exact information required to drive their operations, make strategic decisions, and cater to their unique goals.

6 – Data formats and integration

In a world where data is a cornerstone of modern operations, the ability to seamlessly integrate data into your existing systems and workflows is a game-changer.

It’s not just about having the right data; it’s about ensuring that data is accessible and compatible with the software and tools you use.

7 – Scalability

The ideal POI data provider can scale with your growth. Evaluate infrastructure capabilities for handling increased data volumes without compromising performance, allowing you to seamlessly grow together with your data, while meeting expanding demands.

8 – Categorisation and taxonomy

Check if the provider’s categorization aligns with your needs. A well-structured taxonomy improves data usability, allowing efficient classification and filtering based on relevant attributes. Opt for a provider with an intuitive taxonomy for a streamlined application experience.

9 – Historical data

Gaining insights into trends and developments concerning areas and businesses requires access to historical data series.

This implies that your POI data provider should furnish comprehensive information about a particular point of interest not only for the present day but also for the previous 3 to 5 years, as it’s crucial for understanding the changes and fluctuations in the performance of a point of interest over time.

9 reasons to choose Data Appeal as your POI data provider

The Data Appeal Company is a POI data provider offering highly detailed and up-to-date datasets concerning various sectors like retail, FMCG, finance, and tourism to businesses.

From supermarkets, shops, and gas stations to hotels and museums, each POI undergoes thorough analysis from diverse angles, delivering comprehensive information essential for making well-informed and strategic decisions.

What are our key advantages?


1 – Qualitative and quantitative aspects

We don’t stop at collecting numbers and basic details like addresses or contact information of POIs.

Our POI datasets stand out as they’re enriched with top-notch qualitative insights. Think Sentiment Scores from customers, a place’s popularity (which is a real measure of foot traffic), reviews, and a semantic breakdown of the most talked-about and cherished topics linked to that point of interest.

Furthermore, included in the POI datapacks are the ‘brand names,’ providing valuable insights for competitor analysis.

2 – Hyper-granular data

Whether it’s refining data by geographic area, industry sector, or specific attributes, our granular data means your data-driven decisions become more accurate, efficient, and aligned with your objectives.

3 – Data quality

We’ve developed an internal procedure to reinforce data quality, guaranteeing the provision of updated, accurate, and secure data to our clients.

Our data validation process involves ‘validating locations,’ ‘normalising locations,’ ‘checking for duplicates,’ and ‘rectifying information through cross-source analysis.’

To explore further details, please visit the section dedicated to our data quality methodology.

4 – Customised and frequent updates

Our dedication lies in delivering consistent and swift updates, ensuring our datasets stay in sync with the continuous changes in the physical world.

Recognising the varying requirements of our clients, we offer a range of adaptable update methods. Whether it involves launching new ventures, shutting down existing ones, or modifying crucial attributes, our team is committed to maintaining updated data, offering solutions that cater to the unique needs of each customer.

5 – Historical data

Our POI data is accessible for a period of up to the previous five years.

6 – World-wide coverage

Our data coverage extends across the globe catering for the diverse needs of businesses, covering 180 countries and territories, and up to 251mln Points of interest currently mapped.

7 – Flexibility

Data requirements can significantly differ. That’s why we offer robust data customisation and scalable options. Our services allow you to tailor data to your precise specifications, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and useful information for your projects.

Core POI Data Pack

A global listing showing all points of interest and their categories based on location:

  • Business Name
  • Street Address
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Industry & Category
  • Last Online Update Date
  • Brand name

Rich POI Data Pack

Detailed data about POIs, beneficial for creating a more comprehensive overview:

  • Country, State, City
  • Price Class
  • Sentiment
  • Popularity & Hours popular
  • Most Discussed Topics
  • Clientas Spoken Languages
  • Opening Hours
  • Characterization – facilities, amenities, services offered
  • Sentiment Trends
  • Popularity Trends
  • Popularity by Time of Day
  • Accommodation  Prices and Occupancy via OTAs (hospitality)

Add Ons

You can include additional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from this list to better assess any business, brand, or industry worldwide in the existing pack.

  • Phone
  • Website
  • Date First Presence
  • Date Closed

8 – Possibility to integrate with existing systems

Make the most of our data by integrating it into your intelligence platform through our API, allowing you to analyse future trends seamlessly, using both your proprietary data as well as ours.

9 – Available in different formats

Our data is available in various formats:

  • Data Pack (.csv/.xls file) through D / AI Data Ready
  • API – through D / AI API
  • Customised Visualisation Platform (such as our partners Carto)


In conclusion, choosing your ideal Point of Interest (POI) data provider requires careful consideration of various factors.

Assess your specific needs and objectives, ensuring alignment with industry focus and scalability requirements, through which you’ll make an informed decision crucial for success in a data-driven landscape.

Looking for a POI data provider that aligns with the checklist above? (Recognised by Datarade as the leading choice among ‘Top POI data providers’.)

We can help.

Reach out to our sales team to find out more information or to get a quote based on your specific needs: