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Exploring Tourism Impact Along the Tour de France 2024 Route (Spotlight on Florence & Nice)
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The much-anticipated Tour de France is about to pedal off for its 111th edition in just a few weeks.

This year’s race will commence in Florence, Italy, marking the first time the race begins in this country, while the finish line will be in Nice, bypassing Paris — due to preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Besides the excitement for this sporting event, the Tour de France is set to greatly impact tourism in the legs of the race, which include various picturesque towns and cities across France and Italy.

Download the “Exploring the Effects of the Tour de France 2024 on Tourism (Spotlight on Florence & Nice)” report to uncover how the race will impact tourism in select towns and cities along its route.

This guide highlights the primary impacts on key legs of the tour, focusing on fluctuations in average Online Travel Agency (OTA) rates compared to last year:

  • Florence (departure)
  • Rimini (arrival)
  • Cesenatico (departure)
  • Bologna (arrival)
  • Piacenza (departure)
  • Turin (arrival)
  • Pinerolo (departure)
  • Nice (arrival)

We’ll delve into Florence and Nice, exploring their top attractions, hotels, dining spots, and traveller sentiment.

These insights were gathered using our D / AI Destinations platform, offering comprehensive data for informed destination management.

Why you should read this report:

Dynamic pricing insights: Discover how hotel and short-term rental rates are changing in anticipation of the Tour de France.

Key date hotspots: Identify the specific days expected to see a surge in both attendance and accommodation rates, enabling strategic planning and maximising opportunities.

Sentiment analysis: Assess the sentiment levels towards Florence and Nice and its most popular spots, providing a nuanced understanding of visitor experiences.

Curious for a glimpse of the results?

  • Florence, the starting point of the tour, and Nice, its final destination, boast the highest hotel rates among the dates analysed on OTAs.
  • Every Italian city visited during the tour experiences a surge in price hikes — with one exception
  • The highest increases are in short term rentals
  • In Florence, the most popular point of interest (POI) isn’t the most visited one
  • All of Nice’s preferred attractions consist of outdoor locations

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