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The Data Appeal Company, one of the most powerful reputation and geospatial data providers for hospitality and tourism, has entered a strategic partnership with Sojern, a leading provider of digital travel marketing solutions.

Founded in 2014, Data Appeal offers innovative and diverse solutions to aid businesses uncover their competitive advantage, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue by leveraging human experience data and artificial intelligence technology. Their subsidiary, Travel Appeal, is entirely dedicated to hospitality and tourism. 

In partnering with Sojern, Data Appeal will have custom insights on flight searches, bookings and arrivals along with visitor demographics and purchasing behaviors to enrich their analysis.

Data Appeal has mapped over 2 million Points of Interest and analyzes 300 million pieces of online content daily from over 100 sources. Sojern’s data science team analyses 8 billion travel intent signals to help travel brands better understand the booking behavior of travelers and how to reach them with marketing messages. Data Appeal and Sojern, together will empower destinations and businesses to better understand visitor behaviors and values to forecast arrivals, bookings and purchases. 

We are very excited to enter this partnership with Sojern. Our clientele will have a more holistic overview of their destination and competitors, enabling them to create strategic marketing campaigns and sales strategies. Their insights provide our reputation, sentiment and geospatial data with an extra layer of enrichment”. 

Mirko Lalli, Travel Appeal’s CEO and Founder Tweet

“Italy is a key market for us at Sojern and we were looking for a partner that is aligned with our strategy to help destinations and SMBs succeed based on data driven decisions. As such, Data Appeal is a great partner to achieve both objectives. We know that now more than ever, data-driven marketing is a necessity for the travel industry. This partnership allows destinations and hotels to close the gap between marketing and research departments.”  

Luca Romozzi, Commercial Director Tourism, Italy, Mediterranean & East Europe at  Sojern Tweet

As we start to see travel intent increase post-Covid, Sojern is committed to delivering our clients the best in class tools and services to move fast and be successful during their recovery phase. We are excited to be working with Data Appeal to support hotels and destinations across Italy to gain vital insights into domestic and inbound travel behaviours, to help inform and refine their marketing strategies.”

Josh Beckwith, Sojern’s Senior Sales Director, Strategic Accounts Tweet

Data Appeal offers an ecosystem of products, including data-driven Reports, Chatbots and Dashboards for DMO’s as well as Individual and Chain Hotels and any agency looking to understand both the granular details and a holistic overview of their business. Their latest product, Data Appeal Studio, is the first, all-inclusive Location Intelligence, Experience Intelligence and Destination analysis platform. Data Appeal’s proprietary KPIs – including Sentiment Score, Covid Safety Index, and the Sustainability Index – have enabled destinations and customer-facing businesses with actionable insights to uncover hidden opportunities and mitigate risks. Dive deep into any location to discover insights about transportation, services, retail shops, restaurants, venues, attractions, monuments and more – according to your needs.

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