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      Measure the quality of service much better than NPS can. Up-to-date and relevant customer sentiment data for any product or service.

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      Get a comprehensive geographic, demographic and qualitative picture of any location worldwide.


      Enterprise-grade analytics, market automation and intelligence for the industry.

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Data Appeal Studio:
Human Experience Intelligence.


Countries mapped
2 Mln
POI mapped
300 Mln
Pieces of online content analyzed every day
Sources of online feedback monitored

About Data Appeal Studio

The first, all-inclusive Location Intelligence, Experience Intelligence and Destination analysis platform.
Understand any location, anywhere in the world – from a single road to an entire country.

360 degrees of reliable and accurate information to always stay up to date about market trends, what customers really think and the most strategic opportunities for your business.


Discover our cutting edge features

Our data lake is a unique blend of geographic, feedback and context data processed through our proprietary semantic analysis and AI technology.

Studio analyses and compares the composition of offers for any location, evaluates customer behaviours and demographics, monitors prices of accomodation properties and provides strategic insights based on expected flows and flight arrivals over the coming months.

Advantages of Data Appeal Studio

Da Studio Laptop

proprietary and third-party data with reputation and experience information about current and forecasted demand. 

a variety of metrics about your location of interest – following trends and variation over time.

strategies and investments based on POI insights at both a holistic and granular perspective. 


Accessible anywhere.

Monitor, analyse and compare real-time data of any location of interest. From any device, access precise and reliable information; our data is available from desktop and mobile devices thanks to our highly-scalable and resilient micro-service infrastructure.

Data APpeal Studio Overview

Millions of pieces of data. Fast, accurate and secure.

Our big data storage guarantees maximum security. We process millions of pieces of data within seconds and immediately deliver them to you. 

We’re happy to help!
Our Support Team is ready to answer any of your questions, address any doubt and quickly support any trouble you might have.