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VisitPiemonte, the destination marketing organization (DMO) of the Italian region of Piedmont, is a perfect example of how flight, hotel and sentiment data can be leveraged for a twofold purpose:

  • Identifying concrete ideas and insights to optimize the actual experience of travelers
  • Conduct benchmarking against major competitors to identify its strength points to capitalize on to overcome them

In 2020, the DMO of Piedmont added D / AI Destinations to their arsenal, a data-driven territorial analysis platform.

Through this tool, Piedmont has managed to achieve two major objectives:

  1. Monitor the Sentiment of tourists in real time at a regional and local level and assess if and how Sentiment varies based on visitor typology and origin. By using Sentiment as a KPI, it’s possible to understand if marketing messages and investments are aligned with the target market and their expectations.
  2. Benchmarking to evaluate Piedmont against similar destinations. Piedmont compares the Langhe Monferrato Roero area to Brunello, Chianti and Franciacorta (national benchmarks) as well as Burgundy, France (an international benchmark).

Thanks to the actionable insights obtained, we’ve made investments and planned targeted actions to support our tourism industry,” shares Cristina Bergonzo, Manager, Tourism Observatory of the Piedmont Region.

“Analyses reveal that the territories of Langhe Monferrato Roero and Cuneo recorded the highest sentiment in the region: 89.9/100 (+0.4%) and 89.2/100 (+0.3%) respectively, up from 2019.
Satisfaction relating to accommodation services in Piedmont even exceeds the national average.
Reviews from Italian users were higher than those from abroad, but the Sentiment of both domestic and international visitors is overall very positive (88.1/100 vs. 86.6/100).”

Cristina Bergonzo, Manager, Tourism Observatory of the Piedmont Region

Measuring tourism performance in respect to foreign competitor destinations

Piedmont benchmarked the reputation of Langhe-Monferrato-Roero (LMR) with respect to Burgundy, France – one of their main competitors, abroad. LMR is a renowned food and wine region in Europe admired by wine lovers and professional sommeliers.

Directly from D / AI Destinations, we see that Langhe Monferrato Roero earned a much higher sentiment than Burgundy in every sector of the tourism industry:

  • Hospitality: 93.6/100 vs. 86.2/100
  • Food & Wine: 90.1/100 vs 84.2/100
  • Attractions: 90.5/100 vs 89.6/100
  • Overall: 90.9/100 vs 85.6/100

This data is the real evidence of how competitive the territory and our offer are, not only domestically but abroad.

Deep dive into Piedmont’s story to discover how the tourism board maximized the destination’s reputation and results.

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