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The leading tourism observatories integrate sentiment trends as a KPI to measure a destination’s success. Data Appeal’s proprietary Sentiment Score has been selected by the Veneto and Piedmont tourism boards as a main KPI in their observatories. 

Knowledge is power

Now, more than ever, tourism observatories are turning to data providers to collect and analyze large amounts of data. In turn, this helps institutions and operators decide how to effectively promote their territory, attract new visitors, wisely invest the funds available and carry out strategic destination marketing.The Veneto Tourism Observatory and the Langhe Monferrato Roero Observatory in Piedmont have quickly become two excellent examples of leveraging data-driven solutions to enrich their statistics, a phenomenon that is quickly becoming replicated around the world.

Both tourism destinations have chosen to rely on Data Appeal’s Sentiment Analysis to understand visitor perception and the level of appreciation of both a territory and its services, including accommodations, food and wine, attractions and cultural points of interest.

Uncovering insights from sentiment and reputation data helps decision makers strategize and forecast, with a clear view of growth and evolution.

An inside look at the Veneto Tourism Observatory platform

The Veneto Federated Regional Tourism Observatory is a real-time platform, monitoring and sharing information to deepen the knowledge of tourism based on the analysis of reliable and strategic data and information.Directly from the observatory platform, destinations, tourism boards and operators can freely access real-time tourist flow data, economic analyses, market forecasts, sentiment scores, prices, occupancy, and much more. 

Data is both a guide and a beacon for any situation, even the most complex, to understand what’s happening in a selected territory. Leverage data to uncover the latest trends and adapt services and products based on those trends to improve results, at both a holistic and granular level.

The platform is divided into three sections: News, Documentation and Data and Indicators. Among the latter, online reputation indicators are provided by The Data Appeal Company.

This section is interactive, and, by using the filters, you can select the entire region of Veneto or a sub-destination destination, such as Venice or Verona. The data includes: 

  • Sentiment (a score expressing the level of sentiment from semantically analysed online content)
  • Online content and sentiment trends over selected time periods
  • Visitor Analyses
  • Types of Visitors

sentiment analysis 1
sentiment analysis 2

How does the Tourism Observatory in Piedmont use data to understand the impact of events?

The VisitPiemonte DMO (Destination Management Organization) has also chosen a data-driven approach to grow their territory. Through the user-friendly platform, Data Appeal Studio, they analyze sentiment and tourism and trends in real time.Our data has become an integral part of the Langhe Monferrato Roero Observatory in Piedmont. The observatory was created to measure and analyze tourism and the economic impact that an international level event (such as the International White Truffle Fair of Alba) has on the host city and entire region.

The Observatory combines a variety of analysis tools, from classic surveys and statistics to sentiment analysis and visitor spending habits.

After taking an inside look at the International White Truffle Fair of Alba, we uncovered that domestic visitors from Italy and Swiss travelers were the top two tourists who discussed the event and shared their experience the most. The most discussed topic was the hospitality of local operators. All the data collected was shared in a public report and highlighted in the video below:

Discover more about Data Appeal’s Sentiment Analysis and Location Intelligence technology.

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