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The Data Appeal team has added 13 new main topics (clusters) to the semantic analysis of accommodation properties, holiday villages and campsites to make reports even more detailed, precise and comprehensive.

Even more comprehensive sentiment analysis

Data Appeal’s brand reputation analysis becomes even more comprehensive.Data Appeal Studio, the innovative platform for destinations and brands, not only detects the Sentiment Score of any point of interest in a selected territory, but it also investigates the most granular details of customer opinions. With the latest semantic analysis update, users can now uncover customer satisfaction, expressed online, at a macroscopic level for 13 new topics.   This depth Data Appeal’s semantic analysis for hotels, villages and campsites, enables users to examine the degree of appreciation for each aspect of the business – from the location and staff, to the cleanliness and presence of sanitizing gel.This level of analysis is invaluable across customer-facing industries, especially for the hospitality sector, who’s online reviews are the make or break of their success.

semantic analysis hotels

To go in even more detail, 13 new main topics (clusters) were added to the semantic analysis of online content, reviews and feedback posted by guests at hotels, holiday villages and campsites.

  • 6 NEW hospitality clusters: Check-in and Check-out, Reservations and Payment, Staff, Property, Value for Money and more
  • 7 NEW campsite clusters: Assistance, Accommodation, Cleaning, Guest Services, Swimming Pool, Entertainment and Value for Money

Thanks to these insights, analyze – in real time – countless new details about a guests’ stay. With accuracy, evaluate the most discussed, appreciated and critical topics to strategize actions and future investments in the most profitable way.

To deeply analyze the reputation of your accomodation property, campsite or holiday village, try Travel Appeal for free! It’s a seamless, integrated online reputation management platform to discover your guest opinions about each aspect of your business, monitor competitors and manage your online reputation –  in real time. 

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