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Florence – Italy
Stazione Leopolda
22 – 23 November
9:00 – 17:00

Save the date for November 23!

The Data Appeal Company will host an entire session at BTO2023, the leading event in Italy for Digital Tourism, Innovation, and Training, which will be held at Stazione Leopolda in Florence on November 22-23.

A curated panel of international tourism and destination management experts will join us to delve into the latest developments in:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Sustainability
  • Data analysis
  • Innovation
  • Overtourism

Interested in obtaining a special discount for your BTO 2023 access? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Shaping the future of sustainable tourism with data and AI

Generative artificial intelligence is consistently growing in both its capability and potential, and it’s now an integral aspect of our everyday lives.

What was once considered science fiction only a few months ago, is now a reality — and AI is now assisting us in tasks like writing, drawing, composing music, problem-solving, and offering valuable suggestions and ideas.

In the field of tourism, this emerging intelligence aids travellers in planning their trips, while helping destinations become more sustainable.

And we’re only scratching the surface.

That’s why this year, BTO 2023 has chosen “Sapiens • Humans meet AI” as its theme.

Artificial and human intelligences converge and merge, opening up new pathways to guide us through unexplored but promising territories, both in the physical and abstract realms.

This captivating journey demands our ability to navigate and harness it effectively, all while keeping our focus on the primary objective: creating valuable travel experiences that enrich not only the travellers themselves but also the destinations and their residents.

We will explore this subject from various perspectives, in the company of a diverse group of experts from Italy and around the world.

Agenda The Data Appeal Company
BTO 2023


Mirko Lalli, CEO & Founder – The Data Appeal Company | Chief Group Digital Strategy Officer – Almawave
Silvia Moggia, Data Storyteller & Strategist – The Data Appeal Company

“Rethinking Travel: The Revolutionary Impact of AI on Tourism”

Rethinking the way we perceive the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the tourism industry. Is it merely a technological advancement, or does it hold the potential to revolutionise our travel experiences? Can AI transform how we organise, embark on, and enjoy our journeys? Are we entering a new era in tourism experiences and management?

Mirko Lalli, CEO & Founder – The Data Appeal Company | Chief Group Digital Strategy Officer – Almawave

Language: Italian


“Respect the city” – from overtourism to destination management

While cities worldwide grapple with the challenges presented by the growing influx of tourists, it’s essential to shift our perspective toward sustainable destination management. Let’s delve into the multifaceted aspects of overtourism, focusing on the significance of preserving the cultural, environmental, and social fabric of our urban centres. Through comprehensive case studies and innovative strategies, we’ll present a vision for rethinking urban tourism, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and nurturing a harmonious balance between residents, visitors, and the environment. This is a vital conversation to ensure we honour, rejuvenate, and sustain our cherished cities for future generations.

Harold Goodwin, Managing Director – Responsible Tourism Partnership
Jelka Tepšić, Deputy Mayor – City of Dubrovnik

Language: English


Roadmap to NetZero: the future of climate-friendly hospitality

A deep dive into the dynamic relationship between responsible hospitality and conscientious travellers. We’ll delve into the crucial role of decarbonization in this context and explore how sustainable initiatives in the hospitality sector can shape the choices and actions of contemporary travellers. We’ll also consider the significant impacts of reducing carbon emissions on guest experiences, community engagement, and global environmental responsibility. Our goal is to pave the path towards a future where responsible hospitality enriches the traveller’s experience and nurtures a shared commitment to a more sustainable world.

Paloma Zapata, CEO – Sustainable Travel International
Silvia Moggia, Data Storyteller & Strategist – The Data Appeal Company

Language: English


Beyond Environmental Sustainability: Community-Based Tourism and Inclusive Hospitality – Managing and Measuring the Social Sustainability of a Tourism Project

In partnership with the DestinAction association, the panel explores the social dimension of tourism sustainability, covering aspects ranging from destination management to assessing its impact on local territories and economies.

Enrico Ferrero, AD of Ideazione
Robert Kropfitsch, Head of Business Development – Sustainable Territories

Language: Italian


13:00 – Lunch


The Intersection of Data and AI in Marketing: A Strategic Manifesto for a Revamped Marketing Stack

A forward-thinking and groundbreaking perspective on the incorporation of data and artificial intelligence within the modern marketing context. We investigate how the convergence of advanced analytics and AI technologies has the potential to reshape the marketing landscape, encompassing customer segmentation and personalised experiences. With concrete examples and implementation strategies, we formulate a manifesto for an innovative marketing framework that can steer targeted decisions and preempt customer needs.

Giorgio Soffiato, AD – Marketing Arena Spa | Fellow Professor – SDA Bocconi | Adjunct Professor – Trinity College Dublin | Collegio Didattico Master Cultura Cibo e Vino – Ca’ Foscari

Language: Italian


Can AI make us better humans and travellers?

Can artificial intelligence (AI) enrich our human experiences and reshape the way we approach travel? This presentation delves deeper than just technology, delving into the ethical and philosophical dimensions of how AI impacts our journeys. It’s an engaging conversation that challenges conventional thinking and inspires us to envision a future where AI fuels our individual and collective development as global adventurers.

Speaker: Massimiliano Ventimiglia, Founder of Onde Alte

Language: Italian


Understanding the power of generative AI: The future of immersive conversations

Join us in an exploration of how artificial intelligence can empower interactions, enabling deeper and more enriching exchanges across various domains. Through examples and insights, we will uncover the implications of generative AI in fields ranging from customer service to content creation. Together, let’s envision a future where the lines between human and artificial intelligence become blurred, fostering more dynamic and meaningful conversations.

Raniero Romagnoli, CTO – Almawave
Vincenzo Sciacca – Product Manager – Almawave Iride Platform

Language: Italian

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