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Exploring the Future: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Tourism and Destinations

Every day, we come into contact with innumerable new technological advancements. And yet, only a handful of these inventions have the potential to truly revolutionise the way we live, think, work, and travel.
Artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly one of them.

According to Market.Us, the current global worth of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in the market stands at over $13 billion. By 2025, it’s anticipated to exceed $22 billion.

Without a doubt, AI is leaving an indelible mark on the tourism sector, revolutionising its landscape in many ways.

For travellers, virtual assistants, easily accessible travel agents, and a thoroughly revamped user experience will transform how individuals make travel reservations and engage during their trip. 

For destinations and tourism service providers, GenAI will facilitate highly tailored processes, enhance engagements, promote sustainability, and proactively forecast and analyse trends.

Just a year after ChatGPT’s launch, we’re exploring the future landscape in depth.

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