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Data Appeal, the startup specializing in Alternative Data and Artificial Intelligence for decision makers in the Financial sector, has joined the Italian Fintech District Community of Startups.

What Data Appeal can do for the Fintech District Community

Created by Banca Sella, the Fintech District is the gateway to the Italian Fintech ecosystem and attracts the most relevant national and international stakeholders. The Fintech District community reached over 160 startups and has multiple collaborations with public institutions, investors, professionals, financial institutions, international innovation hubs, universities and corporations. 

Within this community, The Data Appeal Company will have the opportunity to collaborate directly with key players in the financial industry to further develop their solutions, providing data-driven insights and enriching the internal data that banks have at their fingertips

“This opportunity marks a decisive stage for us and allows us to face the challenge of leveraging real-time performance data to aid banks and insurance agencies enhance their credit evaluation, underwriting and risk assessment”, reveals Mirko Lalli, CEO of Data Appeal.

“We’re a data provider, specializing in alternative data, meaning that we collect and evaluate data and information aiding professionals and businesses to analyze clients, products, services and territories – in real time – and help them make more strategic decisions. Our company was born within the hospitality and tourism sector, because this was the first sector impacted by the feedback economy. However, we soon realized that this dynamic has spread massively across all industries, especially finance, as customer reviews, social content and a brand’s reputation influence business decisions – both online and offline.”

Mirko Lalli – CEO & Founder The Data Appeal Company

Currently, Data Appeal provides this service for two of the largest Italian banks. They validate and enrich client profiles already present in a bank’s database to provide performance indicators linked to what happens in the digital world. Sentiment scores, ratings, reviews and online content all influence customer choice. Real-time predictive algorithms that integrate into traditional rating models have proven successful for banks and credit unions.

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