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Data Appeal featured in Europ Assistance Digital Meeting 2021

Data Appeal was invited to lead the Europ Assistance Italy travel agencies network during the Digital Meeting 2021. Data analysis, safety and sustainability are at the heart of this year’s restart strategy.

Digital Meeting 2021 – “Together towards a new journey” 

The annual Europ Assistance meeting was held on Tuesday, May 11th, with the main objective of uniting and inspiring travel agencies and agents of their network across Europe as the tourism industry slowly begins to regain momentum. “Together towards a new journey” is the evocative title chosen to promote the mindset of a fresh new start for one of the travel sector’s hardest hit segments.

The Collaboration with Data Appeal

Europ Assistance, the France-based insurance agency belonging to the Generali Group with presence in over 200 countries, called upon The Data Appeal Company for support. To help their clients better face this delicate moment and prepare for the upcoming months, Data Appeal set out to educate and inspire participants with real-time, data-driven insights on the tourism industry.

Mirko Lalli, Data Appeal’s CEO and Founder, played an integral role during the meeting. Throughout his speech, Lalli shared the most essential insights for travel agencies and agents in this ongoing restart phase, including: an objective overview of the international travel market, the impact of vaccines on traveler intentions and the most important aspects travel agents need to keep in mind to meet and exceed new traveler expectations. 

The main topics of the speech included: 

  • Travel trends: What to expect over the next few months (traveler origin, trending destinations, new emerging markets, etc.)
  • Italy’s evolving market positioning against emerging competitors – in particular Greece, in terms of reputation, safety and trust expressed online by travelers
  • Sustainability – an increasing number of visitors have shown sensitivity and motivation to sustainable travel
  • Safety & Sanitation – critical factors for upcoming vacations
  • The importance of data and data analysis to redefine target markets, visitor profiles, traveler needs and behaviors

A virtual meeting to inform all the travel agencies in the network about the new trends and to infuse them with optimism and trust.

Watch the full Europ Assistance event and the speech by Mirko Lalli:

*Original language: Italian