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Data-Driven Sustainable Strategies: The DMO Handbook

In an era where environmental and societal awareness is increasingly on the rise, discussing tourism inevitably involves addressing its sustainability.

As the industry adapts to the changing demands of travellers and our planet, the significance of adopting sustainable strategies in the travel sector has never been more evident or pressing.

Leading this transformation are Destination Management Organisations (DMOs), which are increasingly relying on data to inform their decisions with practical insights into traveller preferences, all while striving to retain a competitive edge.

Sustainable travel is empowered by a wealth of accessible data.

However, the secret to unlocking its full potential is understanding which data to utilise and how to effectively leverage it to make the most informed and impactful data-driven decisions.

Penned by our Founding CEO, Mirko Lalli this eBook delves into the concept of sustainable travel, exploring how destinations can mitigate the effects of overtourism and champion responsible travel through the strategic use of data.

Download the Data-Driven Sustainable Strategies: The DMO Handbook today, and discover:

  • Data-driven insights: Learn how data can be harnessed to make informed decisions and track progress towards sustainability goals.
  • An overview of sustainable tourism frameworks and certifications: Gain a comprehensive understanding of internationally recognised sustainable tourism frameworks and certifications and learn how these standards can guide your destination towards sustainability excellence.
  • Real-world case studies: Explore success stories from DMOs that have already embraced sustainable strategies. These case studies provide inspiration and practical insights for your own journey.
  • Replicable strategies: Learn from the best practices of DMOs to replicate their success in your own destination.
  • Best practices to implement sustainability data-driven decision-making: Acquire a set of proven best practices for implementing data-driven decision-making in the context of sustainability.

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