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Data-Driven Destinations: This will be the theme taking center stage during Data Appeal’s speech at the X. Festival 2021 on December 2nd. Hannah Babineau, International Marketing & Partnership Manager at Data Appeal and Stefan Marchioro, Tourism, Territorial Projects and Tourism Governance at Regione Veneto will reveal the numerous benefits in their joint speech: Data Leadership to Support Digitalization.The X. Festival, organized by the UK’s Digital Tourism Think Tank, is one of the major international tourism events and takes place online over the course of two weeks. The conference is complete with workshops, speeches and interviews on emerging trends, digitalization and competitiveness, sustainability and much more.Together with Data Appeal and Regione Veneto (the Italian region of Veneto), several tourism destinations and organizations will participate in the event, including the World Travel & Tourism Council, Google, Travel Oregon and Visit Norway.

data-driven destinations

The importance of data for tourist destinations

In their speech, Data Appeal and Regione Veneto will highlight the benefits of their partnership and reveal the importance of data analysis relating to hospitality, food and beverage and attractions. They will share how data supports destinations to better understand their market and visitors, communicate more effectively, accurately target campaigns and create more engaging experiences.
For all the details of our participation and to explore the full program, visit the official website. 

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