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The Data Appeal Company’s rich profiling of over 250 million points of interest will soon optimise the customer experience of WeVee Technologies’ services. WeVee is a European company at the forefront of climate tech and electric mobility.

A three-year strategic partnership worth EUR 1.6 million with additional revenue sharing possibilities, to drive innovation in the e-mobility landscape and promote sustainable transport practices in 38 countries worldwide.

Sentiment and popularity data to enrich the electric driver experience

The Data Appeal Company will provide WeVee with its comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of all points of interest in the area: hotels, restaurants, museums, shops, and more, within a 1.5-kilometre radius of WeVee Technologies’ public charging network of more than 450,000 electric charging stations across Europe.

For each point of interest, a complete set of qualitative and quantitative information will be provided: online reputation, popularity, opening and closing times, services such as parking or wi-fi, and much more.

All this information will soon be incorporated into the WeVee app, an innovative application for electric vehicle drivers.

The app provides users with customised functions for electric mobility, such as mapping the 450,000 charging stations, navigation, payment options, and recommendations – powered by Artificial Intelligence – based on their preferences. A unified payment portal that simplifies and improves the charging experience for individuals and businesses.

The data provided by Data Appeal will then help WeVee app users to know what activities are going on around the charging stations and discover new places to visit or restaurants to try.

A partnership to create a more sustainable future

The partnership between The Data Appeal Company and WeVee Technologies, confirms the common commitment to a sustainable future based on the adoption of electric vehicles and eco-friendly practices.

In fact, WeVee Technologies offers a package of services related to electric mobility, including leasing, insurance, maintenance and tailor-made energy solutions for companies and families.

This enables companies to provide the services to all employees, reducing overall CO2 emissions and improving environmental, social and governance (ESG) ratings.

An approach that ties in perfectly with Data Appeal’s corporate mission, which encourages the use of data by companies and territories to achieve increasingly sustainable growth.

“Data Appeal’s unique blend of geospatial data, sentiment intelligence and market trends enables WeVee Technologies to make informed and sustainable decisions for our growth. This partnership allows us to offer our community an unprecedented experience tailored to their individual needs and preferences, providing sustainable lifestyle choices along the e-mobility journey. Together, we are driving the transition to a greener future and revolutionising the way people experience e-mobility.”

Rahmyn Kress, founder & CEO of WeVee Technologies


“This partnership represents our joint commitment to transform the future of mobility and redefine the meaning of sustainability, thus offering a better future to future generations.”

Mirko Lalli, CEO & founder of The Data Appeal Company


For more information, please read the press release.


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