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In-depth analysis of the overall brand and each individual store

Client’s Challenge

Venchi, world-renowned chocolatiere, needed to better understand each individual point of sale and their overall brand to enhance the customer experience and strategize their marketing and investments. They required both a holistic overview to monitor their reputation and granular details to evaluate each shop and uncover the preferences, expectations and criticisms of customers.

Client’s Goal

To evaluate customer feedback and online content across internet channels and social media, in real time. Venchi wanted to dive into each review, topic, time period and channel for a detailed, granular and semantic analysis as well as track competitors and monitor their online presence.

Our Solution

Venchi leverages our data to monitor and analyse the perception of each individual store and the overall perception of the brand. The brand not only understands but exceeds customer expectations by seamlessly identifying their strengths and weaknesses. They uncovered their competitive advantage and are continuously improving their market positioning.

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