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Data Appeal launches a new product identity brand: D / AI, to refine alignment between product and communication

When a startup grows, its identity and brands, especially those associated with its products, go through a natural development process. Initially fluid and flexible, they gradually gain definition and solidity over time.

However, this transformation can sometimes lead to confusion because the initial message might no longer accurately represent the current state of the business.

Throughout our journey, starting from the early days as a startup, then transitioning into a scale-up, and eventually reaching the remarkable milestone of being acquired by Almawave, one thing has remained constant: our commitment to sharing a narrative that aligns with our core values.

Our “why”, in the words of Simon Sinek, has always been to “democratise and simplify” the use of data through technology and artificial intelligence.

We want to simplify and make data accessible for everyone, regardless of the company’s size, the professional’s role, and their technological know-how.

Data is for everyone, not just for tech enthusiasts and industry experts.

We started with Travel Appeal and the HORECA industry, expanded to museums and culture, and finally grew and stretched our brand to include retail and consumer goods activities.

Then in 2019, we added services to banks and financial institutions to our portfolio.
Branching out to so many industries meant we had to look beyond Travel Appeal, so we decided to change the name of the company to The Data Appeal Company.

We wanted to put data at the centre and keep the word “appeal” as an element of continuity, reflecting the human factor inherent in the “digital traces” that form many of our proprietary algorithms, products, and indexes.

However, our underlying motivation has always remained the same. We have simply emphasised and clarified an essential aspect of our purpose: sustainability, which has long been a significant priority for us and for our clients.

So as our company and offerings keep growing, it’s time to enhance and refine our product lineup and identity, to strengthen the alignment between what we offer and how we communicate it.

This is why I am delighted to introduce D / AI.


D / AI



D / AI, short for Data Appeal Intelligence, not only encapsulates our core offering but also highlights the fundamental components of our solutions: Data and Artificial Intelligence.

This marks another stride towards our goal to simplify the technical aspects of data, making it more approachable and less daunting. In parallel, we aspire to showcase our unique style through a fresh and original product brand identity that perfectly embodies our vision and the innovative nature of our products.


Mirko Lalli, CEO & Founder of Data Appeal