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Discover the latest statistics and insights on Dutch tourism, and uncover the recent changes in traveler behavior across Holland.

The Data Appeal Company has put together the top tourism trends across the Netherlands in a single, unique report. A granular image of the destination in the eyes of both domestic and foreign visitors over the last 12 months. 


Has the Dutch tourism sector recovered after Covid-19?

Over the last six months, Europe experienced a major wave of revenge travel. Millions of tourists from around the globe packed their bags, craving new experiences after two years of travel restrictions and lockdowns. 

The Netherlands has become one of the most sought after destinations in Europe.

We leveraged our destination analysis platform, D / AI Destinations, to uncover the stats, perception, and preferences of travelers visiting the Netherlands.

Travel Trends in the Netherlands


Thanks to our AI-based algorithms and semantic analysis, we collected and analyzed billions of pieces of online content and conversations about accommodation properties, restaurants and tourist attractions to evaluate the level of satisfaction across visitor types and nationalities.

We combined these insights with arrivals, bookings and prices of hotels and flights to track the wellbeing and recovery of the tourism sector.


What will you find inside the report?

  • Flight bookings and arrivals
  • Hotel prices & occupancy trends
  • Traveler preferences and demographics (origin, language and type)
  • Most discussed, appreciated & critiqued aspects of the visitor journey
  • An in-depth analysis of all the tourism industries: attractions, hospitality, food and beverage, short-term rentals
    … and much more!

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