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Encompassing acclaimed destinations such as Venice, Verona and Lake Garda, the Italian region of Veneto has continuously been at the forefront of travel and technology.

Combining data science and tourism marketing strategies has always been one of the main goals to raise destination popularity and overall sentiment.

Yet, collecting, enriching and analyzing data to concretely use it for future actions is a big challenge. Secondly, they were looking for a smarter way to share this data with local business – such as hotels and restaurants’ owners – in order to help them craft effective marketing strategies and superlative travellers’ experiences.

A public platform to turn data into concrete actions

The Tourism Office decided to create a unique space to collect and exchange data, information and analysis from different internal and external sources. This was a difficult task of putting it into practice: they needed to develop a structured, shared and accessible set of continuously up-to-date data. To ensure an interactive data visualization, the Tourism Observatory project took the form of a digital platform, to summarize the flood of information and provide everyone with valuable, reliable and easy-to-understand analyses.The project ended up in the Federated Regional Tourism Observatory, a public and digital platform to help tourism operators analyze the tourism trends in the Veneto region.The observatory is built on real-time, accurate and selected datasets.



See the destination through the eyes of the tourists: an essential element

Between the numerous data at Veneto’s disposal, information about travellers’ sentiment and perception were essential.

Relying on official data is no longer enough when it comes to accurately analyzing tourism trends and visitor behaviors from 360 degrees.

With this in mind, Veneto wanted to integrate complementary tools and data analyses within the Observatory to reveal traveler perception in detail.

Seeing the Veneto region through the eyes of tourists would allow them to identify the strengths, intercept critical issues and understand how to actively intervene to improve the experience, and therefore the Sentiment, of the single visitors and ultimately of the destination.

Data Appeal’s data and indicators have been integrated within the Observatory.

The data includes a series of proprietary KPIs based on the sentiment of the territory and the composition, origin and purchasing behavior of visitors.

This data has two advantages:

  • The data is integrated into the platform via API – Application Programming Interface, and therefore, it’s automatically updated in real time.
  • Data Appeal’s datasets are analyzed from over 130 sources – from online feedback and review sites, to social media channels. This data provides Veneto with 360 degrees of their destination, ensuring objectivity and reliability.

Data Appeal Studio is an invaluable tool for our “toolbox”. It provides us with the insights to make data-driven decisions, especially in delicate moments.

Stefan Marchioro – Veneto Region

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Photo Credits: Davide Busetto per Regione Veneto_Venezia_Dolomiti

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