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With the 56th edition of the Super Bowl quickly approaching, we’ve set out to uncover the best hotels, restaurants and attractions for football fans and halftime show enthusiasts alike. Based on Location Intelligence, Sentiment Scores and our new Popularity Index, Data Appeal has pinpointed the top places around SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. To deepen our analysis of the Super Bowl’s impact on Los Angeles, we turned to longtime partner PredictHQ.

The Top Places in LA for Super Bowl LVI based on Location Intelligence, Sentiment and Popularity

While our data couldn’t predict the two teams who will go head to head in the 56th edition of the Super Bowl, we can accurately tell you where fans will go to spend the highly anticipated weekend – from restaurants and bars to hotels and attractions. 

For the second consecutive season, the team hosting the Super Bowl will be playing on their home turf. In fact, the L.A. Rams, scheduled to go head to head against the Cincinnati Bengals, are only the second team in history to play a Super Bowl at home.

For home-town fans or those planning a trip to the City of Angels for Super Bowl Sunday, The Data Appeal Company has tapped into our location intelligence playbook to select some of the top places around SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California just outside Los Angeles.

Location Intelligence is invaluable to uncover the hot spots in your territory for site selection, outdoor (OOH) marketing campaigns and investment opportunities.

A touchdown performance in L.A.

To support this analysis, we’ve conducted a complete mapping of nearly 2,000 points of interest within a 5KM radius of the game’s venue, including food and beverage establishments, accommodation properties, attractions, tailgating sites and much more.

The interactive Location Intelligence map below, designed by Data Appeal and our partner Carto, pinpoints the top accommodation, F&B and attraction venues for Super Bowl fans. Location Intelligence is one of the most advanced tools for strategic site selection, performance evaluation and outdoor (OOH) marketing campaigns. 

For each point of interest, access: 

  • Name, industry & category
  • Address and long/lat coordinates
  • Contact information
  • Sentiment Score – overall and by category 
  • Popularity Index (popularity and foot traffic rating)
  • Price Range, Facilities/Amenities 
  • Top comments/review fragments 

Once we identified the most popular neighborhoods, we selected a few accommodation and dining establishments with the highest customer satisfaction and foot traffic.

super bowl LVI

Sentiment & Popularity Data Analysis: No Hail Mary Required 

Starting with the top attractions – from the Super Bowl venue itself to parks for tailgating, the places with the highest Sentiment and Popularity in the past year are: 


  • SoFi Stadium records a whopping 5,146 reviews with a very positive Sentiment Score of 89 and Popularity Index of 100. 
  • The Forum, former home to the Los Angeles Lakers, Kings and Clippers, records a 89.7 Sentiment Score and 99.36 Popularity Index. 
  • Hollywood Park Lake, perfect views of the Hollywood sign (98.7; 97.5)
  • Ladera Park (91.7; 95.2)
  • Edward Vincent Jr. Park (89.6; 91.21)
  • Harvard Park (88.7; 93.75)
  • Eucalyptus Park (86.6; 90.23)

super bowl LVI

Meanwhile, visitors – both local and out of towners – will likely be seen pregaming or postgame grubbing at the top rated and most visited food and beverage establishments:

Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen not only records one, but two top spots. Both their restaurants on Manchester and Century Boulevard are positive for Sentiment (83.1 and 83.8) and high in Popularity (98.67 and 97.74). 

super bowl LVI

Local bakery, Cobblers Cakes & Kream, scores Sentiment and Popularity scores worthy of the Lombardi Trophy at 96.9 and of 98.03 respectively. 

Other notable Super Bowl Sunday grub spots include Mike’s Deli (93.7 Sentiment; 97.4 Popularity), Pann’s Restaurant (90.4; 97.98), Serving Spoon (88.8; 97.17), Jim Dandy Fried Chicken (87.7; 97.11), Birrieria Gomez (94; 91.96), Jean’s Ice Cream (95; 79,35) and Antojitos Martin (92; 94.56).

Fan-favorite hotels for Super Bowl Sunday 

If you’re flying in for the big game, three hotels have recorded top spots for football fans, all conveniently located near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

  • Holiday Inn Express Los Angeles – LAX Airport, an IHG Hotel (88.3 Sentiment; 99.13 Popularity)
  • Residence Inn by Marriott Los Angeles – LAX/Century Boulevard (85.7; 98.55)
  • Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles – LAX/Hawthorne (88; 99.02)

PredictHQ weighs in with real-time event impact insights 

To deepen our analysis of the Super Bowl’s impact on the territory and both local and out-of-town visitors, we turned to longtime partner PredictHQ.

Using the latest technology, PredictHQ accurately detects the aggregated event impact of 19 major event categories including scheduled events (sports, conferences, expos, concerts, etc.), non-attendance based events (holidays, live TV events, etc.) and unscheduled events (severe weather, terrorist attacks, protests, etc.). 

For this study, PredictHQ evaluated not only the impact of the Super Bowl for the city of Los Angeles and the predicted attendance, but also uncovered additional, influential events around the game’s venue and forecasted viewership ratings per country. 

While the game is the main event, there are many Super Bowl themed events happening across the USA in February including:

  • The Super Bowl Experience at the Los Angeles Convention Center from February 5 – 12 with 500,000 people attending
  • Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles with 21,000 people expected each day on Feb. 10 to 12
  • Shaq’s Fun House Super Bowl Party at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Feb. 11 with 6,300 people attending
  • Key West Artisan Market  – Super Bowl Stock Up on Feb. 13 in Florida with 2,500 people attending

As well as many viewing parties with several hundred attendees:

  • Brew Brothers Super Bowl Viewing Party in Los Vegas, Nevada
  • Super Bowl LVI Party in Detroit, Michigan (Ferndale)
  • Maxim Super Bowl Party in Los Angeles
  • Super Bowl LVI Viewing Party in Reno, Nevada

Heat map of Los Angeles event activity on Super Bowl weekend
On Super Bowl weekend, there are more than 150 events taking place in Inglewood and Los Angeles, 58 of which have more than 1,000 attendees.

super bowl -predicthq

Some of the larger, non-Super Bowl related events include:

  • Slotdawg concert on February 11, with 21,000 attendees predicted 
  • Junior H concert on February 12, with 7,100 people expected to attend
  • UCLA Bruins vs USC Trojans on February 12 with 6,800 expected attendees 
  • Charlie Wilson concert on February 11 with 7,100 expected attendees
  • Conjunto Brio Norteno, on February 13 with 6,250 expected attendees
  • Banda La Aventurera, Friday 11tand 6,250 expected attendees

California takes home the Lombardi Trophy for at-home spectators

Lastly, once it was announced that the L.A. Rams would play against the Cincinnati Bengals, PredictHQ calculated the expected viewership of the game. The predicted viewership is an impressive 117 Million – an increase from 96.6 Million in 2021. Spectators will be tuning in from around the globe, but PredictHQ reveals the top ten counties for viewership below. Unsurprisingly, California records the highest number of at-home viewers with the hope of securing the Lombardi Trophy on their home field. 


  1. Los Angeles County, California – 3.4 M
  2. Maricopa County, Arizona – 1.9 M
  3. Cook County, Illinois – 1.8 M
  4. Harris County, Texas – 1.4 M
  5. San Diego County, California – 1.2 M
  6. Orange County, California – 1.1 M
  7. Clark County, Nevada – 954 K
  8. Dallas County, Texas – 934 K
  9. King County, Washington – 875 K
  10. Miami-Dade County, Florida – 848 K

If you’re interested in uncovering the hot spots in your territory for site selection, outdoor marketing campaigns or investment opportunities, location intelligence is your secret weapon. 

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