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Data Appeal releases Spring-off, a new open source technology


Practical, efficient and above all open source

The Data Appeal Company has launched a new proprietary Spring-off technology (graceful spring-boot shutdown on kubernetes), created by its innovative team of developers. Spring-off is now available in open source mode for the developer community around the globe.

Spring-off is an innovative technology that improves the reliability of services created with the Java Spring framework that rely on Kubernetes (an open source cloud-agnostic platform used by major international tech companies).

The Data Appeal Company has chosen to share its most innovative proprietary projects in open source, allowing for completely free and transparent access. 

The power of shared knowledge is a deeply integrated value at Data Appeal. To improve the quality of their software solutions, they have always taken the approach to integrate open source technology into their products.

To download or view the Spring-off technology, visit the GitHub website below.

Spring-off by Data Appeal


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