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Data Appeal has been called on to participate in the Smart Tourism Destinations initiative, a program created by the European Commission to support EU cities improve their tourism services and experiences through innovative digital solutions and data.

We are supporting European destinations with their digital transformation so they can become more innovative, sustainable and data-driven. Our CEO and Founder, Mirko Lalli, has been selected as one of the experts to empower and advise Smart Cities through this digitalization process.

Smart Tourism Destinations: Data is at the heart of growth strategies

From the Canary Islands in Spain to Pafos, Cyprus and Oulu, Finland, 44 European cities have been selected to participate in the Smart Tourism Destinations acceleration program.

The cities, through workshops and the coaching of 10 international experts, will learn how to integrate innovative and digital solutions to make their tourism offer more sustainable and accessible, leveraging their local cultural heritage and creativity to improve the traveler experience.

In particular, this project will focus on how EU cities can adopt data-driven approaches to become or improve as a smart tourism destination. Data will be at the heart of the project, becoming an invaluable resource for developing a new and targeted approach to growth.


What are the main goals of this initiative?

  • Supporting the adoption of new technologies, encouraging innovation and improving data management to offer new, high-quality tourism products that align with market demands.
  • Stimulating the development of smart, responsible and sustainable tourism in Europe.
  • Understanding current and future EU tourism challenges and developing solutions and new approaches to overcome them through data management.
  • Unlocking the potential of European cities to become smart tourism destinations.
  • Supporting collaboration among EU tourism destinations by promoting dialogue on data analysis and management.

Data Appeal selected as a mentor for the Smart Tourism Destinations

Our CEO and Founder, Mirko Lalli, has been exclusively selected to join the group of ten experts who will mentor, train and advise the participating cities.

“We are really excited to contribute to this project and offer our tourism know-how to support European cities become more data-driven. Together, we’ll create an actionable toolkit that will support destination managers and markers make the most of data to uncover the potential offered by the market, listen more accurately to travelers and develop sustainable solutions.”

Mirko Lalli, CEO & Founder The Data Appeal Company

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