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Watch the location intelligence webinar Sentiment, Popularity & Potentiality: 3 Unique KPIs to add to your Site Selection & Performance Strategies, organized by our partners at CARTO.

In this webinar, we focus on how Data Appeal and CARTO can be used together to enhance POI datasets with Sentiment, Popularity and Potentiality KPIs to improve Site Selection and Site Performance use cases.

Leonardo Piras (Chief of Business Development at Data Appeal) and Alejandra Aranzadi (Data Partnerships Manager at CARTO) reveal how to enrich Location, Market and Experience Intelligence for any point of interest, brand or territory around the world. 

How to enrich Location, Market and Experience Intelligence

By including Sentiment Scores, Popularity and Potentiality indexes in your territorial analysis, companies can have a better understanding of where their target audiences shop, dine and spend their time as well as pinpoint the areas of a territory that are most appreciated, criticized, perceived as safe or unsafe.

When layered on POI distribution of any industry, users will have all the insights at their fingertips to create an effective location and prospect qualification strategies for site selection, performance and much more. 

Location Intelligence, developing effective strategies based on geospatial data analysis, has proven to be a determining factor in enabling retail, consumer goods, financial institutions and tourism organizations to make strategic, real-time decisions.

What you’ll learn: 
  • How Data Appeal innovates Location Intelligence with proprietary key performance indicators: Sentiment, Popularity & Potentiality
  • How to effectively strategize store or product placement; qualify ideal locations for target audiences; perform accurate competitive intelligence on locations and more.
  • In the CARTO platform, seamlessly connect Data Appeal datasets to run comprehensive and accurate analyses and access map visualizations for any territory of interest. 

If you’re interested in taking your POI data analysis and site selection to the next level, don’t miss this webinar.

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