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Join us on Tuesday, 20 June, at 5 pm for a free webinar, in collaboration with CARTO, on the untapped potential of location intelligence for the retail and fast-moving consumer goods sectors.


The benefits of location intelligence for retailers

The feedback economy is revolutionising customer behaviour and preferences. And yet, businesses continue to rely on traditional metrics to improve revenue and performance without considering the precious information already available online.

How can retail and consumer goods businesses instead leverage qualitative information — such as sentiment and popularity of territories and points of interest — for effective and sustainable business growth?

Location and market intelligence enriched with sentiment and popularity data is beneficial for expanding into strategic markets, opening new physical shops or finding the right retailers.

The customer experience is significantly impacted by these constantly changing factors, making them a crucial element to consider.

We will discuss this in a webinar organised with our partner Carto and led by Hannah Babineau, our Head of Data Appeal Partnerships, and Vanessa Lopez, Head of Data Partnerships at CARTO.

What topics are we going to cover during the webinar?

  • Introduction to the feedback economy: how do companies rely on customer reviews and feedback to optimise their investments in the field?
  • How can companies leverage customer sentiment and online reviews for data enrichment and to develop an effective location intelligence plan?
  • Case study: find out how a consumer goods brand found the best POIs (Points of Interest) to distribute its product based on popularity, customer sentiment, price range, and available services.

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