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The State of Retail After Crisis: Finding new opportunities amid the global pandemic

fashion retail

In an exclusive eBook, experts from Etro, Luxottica and Valesca reveal how Covid-19 has forced the retail industry to change and readjust. They share the future scenarios that we will encounter in the recovery phase from digital vs. physical stores, new one-on-one customer relationships and the latest technology-driven solutions.

The Covid-19 crisis has generated a climate of great uncertainty for the retail industry. For many brands, it’s been an opportunity to rethink customer relationships and brainstorm solutions to offer shopping experiences in line with customer’s new behaviours and needs.

There’s a race for innovation to adapt to the ‘new normal’ and the retail industry is at the forefront. 

To explore the new dimensions of shopping and the relationship between retail brands and customers, The Data Appeal Company organized “Retail Restart”, a live-streaming event in association with Hubspot and Exelab.

This event featured three experts in the retail industry to share their opinions about the current state of the retail industry and how things will change in the near future:

  • Jarvis Macchi, Global Head of Social Media, Luxottica 
  • Fabrizio Viacava, Chief Digital Officer, Etro
  • Enrico Casati, Co-Founder & CEO, Velasca

Drawing on their discussions, we’ve put together this exclusive eBook, dedicated to “the new retail industry”. 

What you’ll find inside the eBook:

  • Physical vs. Digital point of sales – what’s changing?
The transformation of sales in the physical world – how spaces are being rethought, new relationships between staff and customers, how to offer solutions that ensure safety while retain loyalty at the same time.
  • New technologies: from augmented reality to gaming 
How can we leverage technology to create new forms of customer engagement and allow customers to experience and test products, even from a distance?
  • Humanize the digital 
How digital and human are merging to create relevant and dynamic customer experiences.
  • Brand and communication – more value, less frills 
How to become a solid and reliable reference point in a context dominated by uncertainty.
  • A new outlook for retail: from magic to security
Brands will have to adapt to new consumer habits. Today’s customers are looking for essential, quality, safe and durable products rather than engaging and exciting experiences.

Complete the form below to download the free eBook:


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Margherita Nieri

Visit Emilia

Visit Emilia uses Data Appeal Studio to effectively plan and coordinate strategies aimed at destination growth.


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