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Today’s tourism destinations are at a crossroads. They must make fundamental choices and decide if their future will be status quo, or data-driven. To stay one step ahead and become fully data-driven, destinations – cities, regions and countries – are abandoning their traditional business practices, which are often based on habits and general trends.

To accelerate the ongoing transformation, The Data Appeal Company is launching a new, unique tool designed for and by destination managers and markers. This platform is based on the collection and analysis of online data, allowing users to fully evaluate the visitor experience, detect upcoming trends and identify the most promising markets to invest in.

We have discussed it on May 11th at 4pm CEST in the live event “From Tourist Assumptions to Data-Driven Destinations“, hosted by Mirko Lalli, CEO & Founder of The Data Appeal Company, with the contribution of Travelport, Sojern, Regione del Veneto and Intellera Consulting.

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Diego Acuna – Country Manager UK, and Hannah Babineau, Intl. Marketing & Partnerships Manager, The Data Appeal Company, with Anna Au-Yeung, Global Head of Destination Marketing at Travelport, discuss in an exclusive Q&A the meaning of data-driven destinations.

“How does the Region of Veneto effectively predict, analyze, measure, benchmark & invest with just one innovative tool” – Stefan Marchioro, Direzione Turismo, Progetti territoriali e governance del turismo – ‎Regione del Veneto

“6 Digital Advertising Trends to Accelerate Recovery” – Daniele Manetti, Sr. Sales Manager Destinations – Sojern

“The Community Ecosystem of a Tourism Destination” – Carlo Montino,  Manager – Intellera Consulting

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