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Data Appeal guest blogs for CARTO, the world’s leading Location Intelligence platform. Together, we leverage points of interest data, Sentiment scores and Popularity KPIs to evaluate to what extent the city of Berlin has changed post-Covid. Explore how Location Intelligence and big data analytics can be combined to measure and benchmark tourism trends and destination performance.

With the summer season underway, Data Appeal and CARTO set out to determine if and how visitor hotspots in Berlin have altered as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Are tourists avoiding historically crowded areas? Are travelers migrating into new neighborhoods and visiting lesser-known attractions?

By leveraging geospatial data, Sentiment Scores and the Popularity Index, we evaluated the German capital to assess if and how the most popular points of interest and neighborhoods have been impacted post-Covid.

To support this analysis, we conducted a complete mapping of 946,971 points of interest across greater Berlin including all shops, hotels, restaurants, attractions and transportation sites.

For each point of interest, access:

  • POI name, industry & category
  • Address, coordinates, opening hours
  • Sentiment Score (overall and by category)
  • Popularity Index
  • Facilities, amenities and more
  • Historic data from 2019 to present day

data and location intelligence

Throughout this Location Intelligence-based analysis, we uncovered four trends that are altering what we thought we know about the German capital…

From Alexanderplatz to the Neptune Fountain, discover how traveler sentiment and popularity is evolving in Berlin. 

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About our Partnership: CARTO & Data Appeal, the best of both worlds

In partnering with CARTO, Data Appeal’s datasets and proprietary KPIs can be accessed through CARTO’s user-friendly Location Intelligence platform, enabling organizations to use a range of data and bespoke spatial data science tools from CARTO’s Analytics Toolbox to undertake the following types of analysis:

  • Site & Distributor Selection: Strategize store or product placements
  • Destination Analysis: Monitor, evaluate and benchmark any territory, operators, travelers and competitors
  • Market Expansion: Qualify ideal locations based on your target audience and business profile
  • Competitive Intelligence: Perform detailed benchmarking and competitor analysis on points of interest and locations

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