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Media & Entertainment: Data-driven Analysis

The analysis carried out by The Data Appeal Company for an international Pay TV brand demonstrates how to quickly obtain accurate and data-driven insights about the diffusion of the service provided in public venues and its perception by customers.

Understanding the true, perceived quality of a product or service by customers is a key asset for any company. The resulting benefits impact each aspect of an organization, allowing for new opportunities to drive growth.

In this case study, a premium entertainment company offering Pay TV, both B2C and B2B, needed to uncover the diffusion and perceived quality of the service provided not only to individuals, but also to public businesses throughout the territory (hotels, bars, restaurants).

This analysis achieves three objectives:

    1. Uncover what’s required to offer a consistent service that not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of the end customer, even when targeting the B2B market
    2. More effectively target the B2B market and potential customers
    3. Define guidelines for future investments

The Data Appeal Company has composed an exclusive white paper dedicated to the process, methodologies and technical tools used to carry out this analysis. Download the free white paper to explore how artificial intelligence algorithms support the premium entertainment and media sector.


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