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Two international beverage conglomerates are levering Data Appeal’s qualitative data and location intelligence to win market share and enrich the customer experience.If you’re unfamiliar, qualitative data refers to real-time perception and reputational insights about customer behaviors, their experience and a brand’s overall positioning in the market. It goes hand in hand with location intelligence, which encompasses territory and POI (Point of Interest) distribution and analysis. The financial sector refers to this human experience data as alternative data, as it enriches traditional financial information (bank statements, tax returns, credit reports, etc.).

The value of Human Experience Data

Two global beverage brands have integrated our data into their daily business practices to enrich the customer experience, strengthen their brand and win market share from competitors.With our qualitative data, they obtain insights to answer questions like:

  • How do my products compare against competitors in the minds of consumers across different market segments, geographies and social profiles?
  • Which market is ripe for growth? Who are my competitors in specific territories? 
  • Which target should I reach out to in my campaigns?

McKinsey shares that, “success requires harnessing digital data throughout the value chain and using it in an integrated, automated corporate planning process.”

By integrating human experience data, market and location intelligence the Consumer Goods Industry has extraordinary potential to enrich the day-to-day work across sales, marketing, innovation and technology, business development and more. 

human experience data

Seamless Brand Analysis

Another one of our customers utilizes Data Appeal insights for in-depth analyses of their overall brand and each individual store.Venchi, world-renowned chocolatiere, needed to better understand each individual point of sale and their overall brand to enhance the customer experience and strategize their marketing and investments.

With our qualitative data and location intelligence, Venchi seamlessly evaluates customer feedback and online content across internet channels and social media, in real time. They dive into each review, topic, time period and channel for a detailed, granular and semantic analysis to assess their brand and competitors.

Data Appeal: Go beyond numbers

Data Appeal extensively maps Horeca and Retail points of sale worldwide to provide consumer goods organizations with data-driven analyses to win market share and enrich the customer experience.The insights derived from combining quality customer feedback scores with geographic and business information are your newest secret weapon. Leverage our data to:

  • Assess how customers perceive your products across bars, restaurants, hotels and points of sale around the world
  • Investigate potential new markets with a data-driven approach for strategic investments 
  • Pinpoint consumer satisfaction across different market segments, geographies and social profiles

The applications of qualitative data and location are endless. So yes, to answer the question above… The Consumer Goods Industry is the next to go data-centric and it’s already getting started!

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