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The Hotel Software Guide – A hotelier’s guide to selecting the tools necessary for successful hotel management: PMS, CRS, CRM, RMS & Reputation and Review Management.

Today, choosing hotel software is no longer an option, but a mandatory business practice for all hoteliers. 

Without software, staff at any hotel or accommodation facility find themselves overwhelmed with manual work and endless excel sheets. Most critically, they’re unable to collect and analyze essential data enabling them to understand how to increase bookings and profits.

There are dozens of software options on the market. Each with different features, prices and subscription plans… But how do you orient yourself?

Our team has worked with hoteliers, general managers and operators for decades. And more often than not, we’ve been asked the same questions:

  • How do I decide which software to choose?
  • What are the features that each software must have and why?
  • How can I determine if a tool is really worth the cost?


From PMS to Reputation Management: What characteristics must your solutions have?

Within this guide, we provide you with all the information to select the best hotel software. At your fingertips, uncover which features are a must-have and which are unnecessary for the following tools:

  1. PMS: Property Management System
  2. CRS: Central Reservation System – Booking
  3. Engine & Channel Manager
  4. CRM: Central Reservation Management
  5. RMS: Revenue Management System
  6. Reputation and Review Management Systems
  7. Integrating data via API

Each solution comes with expert advice and real-world examples.

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