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How Data About Couples Trips Can Enhance Your Tourism Strategy

Is Paris really the highest-rated city for lovers?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we’re extracting the value of data relating to romantic getaways and couples trips. To enhance the visitor experience, target the right travellers, with the right message at the right time, DMOs must make use of this data to better profile their visitor’s typology, or “persona”.

By understanding the preferred types of hotels and accommodation properties, as well as the most popular areas across the destination, DMOs can tailor their promotional messages and marketing activities according to their visitor types.

To demonstrate the benefits of traveller data analysis in shaping a better tourism strategy, we conducted a comparative study of couples trips in major European cities such as London, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, and Amsterdam, as well as an overview of couples trips across Italy, Spain, and France. The analysis was carried out over a period of eight months, from June 2022 to January 2023, using D / AI Destinations, our destination analysis platform for DMOs and tourism boards.


Couples from England make up 40% of all duos visiting the British capital, followed by Italian, Spanish, French, and German couples. The most-rated accommodations for couples, as analysed across hundreds of thousands of online reviews, can be found in the Westminster, Kensington & Chelsea areas. Those hotels with the most positive feedback are situated in Westminster, as well as in the charming St. Paul’s and Camden neighbourhoods.

Figure 1: Overview of the type, Sentiment and origin of couples in London


Of the couples visiting Rome, Italian couples represent 30% of the total, followed by couples from Spain, UK, France, and the US, which are Italy’s main markets. The preferred accommodations for couples tend to be 4-star hotels or, for a more rustic experience, campsites in suburban areas. Accommodations with the highest positive sentiment are situated in the heart of Rome, particularly in the Repubblica and Altare della Patria regions.

Figure 2: Preferred types of accommodation by distribution and Sentiment; Most reviewed accommodation properties


Among the cities surveyed, the German capital has the highest concentration of domestic couples (51%), followed by Dutch, English, Italian and Polish couples.

Among hotels, those most popular and reviewed during the period analysed turn out to be 4-star hotels belonging to international chains, such as The Student Hotel and NH Collection.

Figure 3: The most reviewed accommodation properties; Top-rated accommodation properties


Amsterdam has the highest concentration of international couples (over 92%). The most reviewed accommodations are 4-star hotels in the city centre. Those preferred are modern 4-star boutique hotels located both in the heart of the city and in the northern area of Amsterdam, the Dutch capital’s creative and innovative hub.

Figure 4: The most-reviewed accommodation properties; The top-rated hotels


Domestic couples account for 42% of the total in the Spanish capital. In second place are Argentine couples, followed by Italians, French and British.
The most reviewed accommodations by these travellers are located on Gran Via in the Plaza de Espana area.

Figure 5: Overview of the type, Sentiment and origin of couples in Madrid

Romantic Getaways across Italy, Spain and France: Which are the preferred hotels and destinations?

To benchmark tourism destinations across the Mediterranean, we’ve analysed Italy, Spain and France.

ITALY: Italian couples account for 45% of the total, followed by Germans, French, UK and Swiss duos. The hotels most reviewed by couples are located in Florence, Milan, Rome and Bologna, two of which properties are campsites. The accommodations with the highest sentiment instead are located in Florence, Verona, Bologna and Venice, additionally, two campsites are on the most popular list.

SPAIN: Spanish couples account for 53% of the total, followed by France, UK, Italy and Germany.
The accommodations most reviewed by couples are in Madrid, Andalusia and San Sebastien (Basque Country).
Hotels with the highest sentiment are 4-star hotels found in Zamora, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia and Sevilla.

FRANCE: 44% of the total number of couples in France are French, followed by Germans, Italians, UK and Belgians. The hotels most reviewed by couples are mainly located near airports. Instead, accommodations with the highest sentiment are found in Colmar, Rouen and Strasbourg. It doesn’t look like Paris is the true city for lovers.

How to Leverage Data on Couples to Boost Your Tourism Strategy?

Once you have collected data, how can you utilise it to enhance your destination’s appeal and refine your target personas?

  • Enrich Your Marketing Target Personas with Granular Insights: You may already have a set of target personas, but incorporating this data can provide a deeper level of information, making the profiles more precise and reliable. You can now understand exactly where couples stay, their preferred areas and their spending capacity.
  • Develop a More Effective Marketing Strategy: By accessing the preferences of incoming couples, you can use this data to create targeted marketing campaigns. Consider highlighting the accommodations with the highest satisfaction or the favoured city areas in your next TV advertisement or social media campaign.
  • Compare Your Destination’s Performance with Competitors: If you aim to attract more couples, you should also monitor your competitors’ performance to optimise your promotional tourism strategies. For example, understand why the sentiment expressed online by couples is better, and evaluate the origin of the couples to identify new target markets.

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