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Hospitality Now 2021

Together with international hospitality experts, we’ve launched Hospitality Now 2021, a live-event series dedicated to hospitality professionals.
Each episode, we’ll discuss the major trends and technologies impacting the hospitality industry – ranging from a new, data-driven approach to sustainability, and much more.

Hospitality Now - 2021

Sneak Peek

Hospitality Now is a new, live-event series that will reveal the major trends impacting the hospitality industry around the globe.

Data-driven hotels, emerging trends, hybrid accommodations, eco-friendly properties and much more.

Throughout the series, Data Appeal’s hospitality and tourism marketing expert, Silvia Moggia, will discuss the hottest topics for hoteliers. Each episode, she’ll be joined by a variety of expert guests who are directly involved in the hospitality industry.

Our goal? To empower and inspire hoteliers and tourism professionals by sharing the latest industry news and updates. The hospitality sector has immensely transformed over the past 18 months, and we want to make our resources and know-how available to everyone.

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Hospitality Now 2021 edition is over but we are already planning a new season of top notch live events. Please, subscribe to Hospitality Now to have access to the recordings of the past webinars and receive an alert when the 2022 edition will start.


Who We Are

Data Appeal is a next-generation data provider: we monitor and analyze a unique combination of geospatial data, online feedback and purchasing behavior for destinations, Horeca, finance and retail. Data Appeal Studio is the first all-in-one territorial analysis platform for tourism destinations, already adopted by brands such as ENIT, Veneto, Piedmont, Basilicata, Trentino Marketing, PromoTurismoFVG.

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