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Legend has it that New York City is one of the most haunted cities in the world. Murders, disappearances, folklore and mysterious occurrences have fueled the collective imagination across the globe for centuries. That’s why New York is one of the most popular destinations for spending Halloween night.

For those planning a trip to the Big Apple on fright night, The Data Appeal Company has leveraged its location intelligence to select some of the best restaurants and pizzerias near the spookiest attractions around.

Select the best restaurants in NYC through Location Intelligence

To support this analysis, we count on a complete mapping of over 400,000 points of interest across urban and suburban NYC, including retail shops, food and beverage establishments, medical centers, freelance offices, accommodation properties and much more.

For each point of interest, access: 

  • Name, industry & category
  • Address and long/lat coordinates
  • Contact information
  • Sentiment Score
  • Foot Traffic Rating
  • Price Range

Once we identified the most haunted areas of the city, we selected a few dining establishments with the highest online reputation in the area.

The Morris Jumel Mansion

Built in 1765 by Roger Morris, a colonel in the British Army, the Morris Jumel Mansion is one of the oldest houses in Manhattan located in Washington Heights. Rumor has it that several ghosts take residence there and paintings come suddenly to life.

Sabor a Colombia – 82/100 Sentiment

Past diners say that the food is fabulous, because it is authentic Colombian. The interiors are industrial, nice and well cared for.

halloween in NYC - Location Intelligence

Merchant’s House Museum

This East Village National Historic Landmark is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is known to be one of the spookiest Halloween attractions in town.

Yoshino – 82/100 Sentiment

Described as one of the best sushi restaurants in town! 

halloween in NYC - Location Intelligence

The Dakota

The Dakota was the setting of 1968 horror classic Rosemary’s Baby and is infamous for being the site of John Lennon’s assassination. Yoko Ono still lives here, and according to her, her husband’s ghost appeared in front of her to play his famous white piano once again.

Felice Columbus– 80.5/100 Sentiment

Add one of their beloved negronis or martinis to your lunch or dinner. They’re known for their classic Italian-style dishes.

halloween in NYC - Location Intelligence

The House of Death

This beautiful townhouse on West 10th St. has been called the most haunted building in New York. Legend has it that there are twenty-two ghosts calling The House of Death home, which is where the nickname comes from. The famous writer Mark Twain lived here for two years and claimed that he himself had experienced supernatural events.

Frevo – Sentiment 80/100

Sophisticated intimate, gourmet cuisine – halfway between an art gallery and a restaurant.

halloween in NYC - Location Intelligence

The above is just a sneak peek of the powers of Data Appeal POI data and location intelligence. With qualitative and anagraphic data sets across any point of interest or territory, you can improve site selection and performance, invest more strategically and mitigate risk.

Our data is leveraged by companies across the real estate, retail, consumer goods and finance industries.

Interested in more information about our location intelligence? Contact us to request a free data sample for any territory around the globe.

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