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The recent August 25th webinar, “Tourism & Hospitality Recovery Trends: How hotels can use smart data to predict booking demand”, organized by PredictHQ in partnership with Data Appeal, reveals the impact of events on the hospitality industry. Together, we explore how the US and Europe have been affected by the pandemic and how things will evolve in the coming months.

Tourism & Hospitality Recovery Trends: the latest insights

As we approach the final weeks of summer, there’s a wave of optimism for U.S. and European tourism. Everyone is wondering is tourism recovering, and if so, how long will it last? 

How will the next months play out as the Delta variant infection rate skyrockets? Does the Green Pass play a role in traveler behaviors? 

Hannah Babineau, International Marketing & Partnerships Manager at Data Appeal, and Stephanie Bouic, Customer Success Manager at PredictHQ, discuss the latest data-driven insights in a free webinar.

Tourism & Hospitality Recovery Trends

Key Findings

The webinar includes:

  • A never-before-seen cross-industry analysis of events and their impact on hospitality across the US and Europe (including a breakdown of the most important rescheduled, postponed and canceled events) 
  • A detailed city-by-city investigation of how recovery is evolving, and what it means for the international tourism sector 
  • Insights dedicated to how hotel chains, tourism boards and DMOs (destination marketing organizations) are taking advantage of this data to define a better pricing and marketing strategy 

Watch it now! 

Tourism & Hospitality Recovery Trends

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