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Post-Summer 2024 Tourism Trends and Forecasts for France, Greece, Italy, and Spain
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The summer season continues beyond July and August.

When the crowds thin out, new possibilities emerge in the top Mediterranean destinations. 

So, what happens in European hotspots in September and October?

The Data Appeal Company has carried out a thorough analysis of the trends for September and October in four of Europe’s most popular summer destinations: France, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

All data was collected in real-time using our destination management platform, D / AI Destinations.


What you will find in the report: 

  1. Flight booking variations: Do flight bookings decrease in September and October compared to August? 
  2. Tourist types: How do international tourists differ from domestic ones? 
  3. Origin markets: What are the primary source markets for each destination?
  4. Sentiment Score: Which destination has the highest Sentiment Score after summer? 
  5. Hotel rates: How do online hotel rates vary post the peak in August? 


Why download the report? 

  • Optimise your strategies: Gain better insights into current trends and prepare for the autumn season. 
  • Real-time data: Updated and precise analysis of tourist trends observed in June. 
  • Balance seasonal demand: Discover promising markets to invest in for boosting tourist flows during the off-season.

Uncover the autumn trends in the Mediterranean

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