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In an exclusive eBook, we explore how Alternative Data is the most effective secret weapon for Banks and Financial Institutions. Alternative Data can be seamlessly integrated into business practices, and the variety of benefits that it yields – from risk management and smart lending to improved underwriting and VAT Matching.  

Alternative data & finance

The alternative data market has incredibly high potential and is estimated to reach a turnover of $17.35 billion by 2027. It enables decision makers to strategize more efficiently and effectively – in real time – and define data-driven investments of any business or territory.So what is it?Alternative Data refers to the types of data that enhance traditional financial information. It encompasses business and geographic data, customer feedback, sentiment analysis, brand reputation, location intelligence and the impact of external factors – such as weather, events, traffic and competitors.In our latest eBook, we explore various ways banks and financial institutions can take advantage of Alternative Data, from risk management and smart lending to improved underwriting and VAT Matching.

ebook alternative data for finance

Inside the eBook, you’ll find:

  • A finance-friendly definition of Alternative Data and real-world applications for the Finance industry
  • Best practices to take advantage of the latest Data Enrichment solutions
  • How to enrich traditional financial information
  • Expert methods on mitigating risk, lending smarter & improving the underwriting 
  • An inside look at VAT Matching
  • Increase revenues and decrease costs – monetizing alternative data… and much more!

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