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After an intensive five weeks filled with bootcamps, mentor sessions and development activities, Data Appeal is happy to announce that we are among the three winners of Discoveries 2021, the prestigious tourism and technology accelerator program.

Discoveries 2021

Hosted by Fábrica de Startups and Turismo de Portugal, Discoveries 2021 was the 6th edition of a successful acceleration program designed to help startups and scaleups gain traction, boost sales and scale up successfully.

Data-Driven Destinations

On the final day of the program, 20 top companies from around the world competed in Life is a Pitch, a virtual event to pitch their product related to innovating tourism. Data Appeal won with our pitch of Data Appeal Studio, the first, all-inclusive Location Intelligence, Experience Intelligence and Destination Analysis platform. Our platform enables destination managers and tourism boards to understand any location, anywhere in the world – from a single road to an entire country. We’re very excited to further expand our mission – supporting and empowering DMOs and tourism boards become Data-Driven Destinations.

“Winning Discoveries 2021 is an absolute honor! We’re humbled, grateful and very excited to get started enhancing Data Appeal Studio. This program has given us the opportunity to finetune and improve our product based on the direct knowledge and insights that we picked up during the past five weeks.”

Mirko Lalli, CEO & Founder of The Data Appeal Company

To watch our winning pitch (1:03:40) and the full Life is a Pitch event, check it out below:

Human. Experience. Intelligence.

The reopening phase is upon us, and we know that time is of the essence for destinations (DMOs) and tourism-related businesses to improve their evaluation strategies. Visitor feedback, about an individual business, brand or territory is the secret weapon to obtain a better understanding of competitive positioning, forecasting visitors and mitigating risk.

Our data and platform provides an inside look at a destination’s reputation from a visitor’s point of view. Users can understand and evaluate the perception for any territory based on visitor demographics, their online review and feedback habits, and context (hotel rates, events, weather, etc.) to create a tailored offer, exceeding visitor expectations.

Our solutions provide rich data sets, proprietary KPIs (i.e. The Covid Safety Index, Travel Barometer, Sentiment Score, etc.) and our technology has worldwide outreach across all industries so organizations can have the most holistic and comprehensive overview of their destination or an individual point of interest at their fingertips.


Portugal Tourism takes Center Stage

Ranked as the World’s Leading Destination and Europe’s Leading Destination in 2019, Portugal has been recognized as the new European hub for startups from all over the world. 

Like Italy, Portugal is an important player in Mediterranean tourism. They’re at the forefront of integrating technology, data and innovations into their strategies. We’re honored to have the opportunity to enhance our product and enrich our knowledge based on personalized advice coming directly from key players in the Portuguese travel industry.”

Diego Acuna, UK Country Manager, Data Appea

Fábrica de Startups

Fábrica de Startups helps companies to develop new ideas and innovative solutions and identify new investment opportunities, so that they can grow and increase their competitiveness. How we do that? Through programs designed to support the process of creation, validation and internationalization of startups. These programs follow an innovative methodology, which ensures the identification of business ideas and the translation of the idea into a business model. This methodology facilitates the validation of all the components of the model and reduces the risks associated with launching a new business. We are trusted by more than 50 companies and 3000 entrepreneurs during our 8 years of activity.

Turismo de Portugal

Integrated in the Ministry of Economy, Turismo de Portugal is the National Tourism Authority responsible for the promotion, valuation and sustainability of tourism activity, adding in a single entity all the institutional competencies related to the promotion of tourism, from supply to demand. With a privileged relationship with other public entities and economic agents in Portugal and abroad, Turismo de Portugal is committed to fulfilling the goal of strengthening tourism as one of the pillars of the growth of the Portuguese economy.

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